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How to activate the 'data saving' mode in Android 10

There are applications that offer a specific function, and own, to reduce themega consumption when we are connected to mobile networks. And they work at full capacity when we are connected to a WiFi network. However, in Android 10 we have this function natively, and at the system level. In other words, what allows megas consumption to be reducedFor all apps. We explain how it works.

Normally, applications can send and receive data when they are running in the background. And if we are connected to mobile networks, this may not interest us. This is one of the functions that limits or restricts the ?data saving? mode. But also, it optimizes the operation of apps with images making them load only and exclusively when we touch them. Thus, there will be no resources that consume mobile data unnecessarily, without us going to use them. But also, we can do thatsome apps can workWithout restrictions even with the ?data saving? mode activated in the terminal.

How to activate and configure ?data saving? mode to reduce megabyte consumption

It is easy. We just have to go to the application ofSettings in our smart phone and, from it, click on the Networks and Internet section. This is where everything related to mobile connectivity and WiFi networks is configured, so that is where we are going to find the section corresponding toData saving. We will have to enter here and see something as simple as the usual button to activate a function. We can activate it and do nothing else, but it is best to continue configuring this feature to work as we want.

In sectionUnrestricted data We can press to display the complete list of applications installed in our smart phone. Next to each of them we will see an activator. If we activate an app here, it means that this app can use the mobile network as normal. That is, no restrictions will be applied to the use of mobile data. Therefore, use the Internet –for its part, of course- both in the foreground and in the background.

This helps us so that applications that may not work well in the ?data saving? mode cease to have problems. However, the more apps we include in this list, as is evident, the lower the saving of mobile data because they will work at full capacity both in the use of WiFi networks and when using 3G and 4G mobile connections.