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How are apps uninstalled on iOS 13? So you can eliminate them

Definitely, iOS 13 It has brought us great news, although it is also leaving us somewhat confused with other changes that have been introduced, vase how to uninstall apps. If you have updated to this new version of the operating system and have proceeded to remove an application, you will have seen that this characteristic jelly animation no longer appears when you press the icon of an app.

Now, however, a series of shortcuts or shortcuts to functions specific to each application (if they have it enabled). For example, if we press and hold the WhatsApp icon, they will give us the option to open our most frequent conversations or start a new chat, all without entering the application.

So how can I uninstall my apps on iOS 13?

The procedure is as simple as before, but perhaps a little less intuitive, especially if we were very used to eliminating them in the old way.

To uninstall an app on iOS 13, we will follow these steps.

  1. Press and hold the icon of the app you want to delete.
  2. Without dropping,drag it to the center of the screen; It may not move until you drag it beyond the center of the screen.
  3. The trembling animation appears in all apps and with it, the X which allows us to deint them.

In the lower GIF you can see the procedure.

Further, You can also click on "Reorganize apps" to show the animation and X mentioned. However, some apps will not teach the option "Reorganize apps" as they will be replaced by shortcuts of their own functions.

Now it's time to get used to this new formula of iOS 13 to uninstall apps that no longer serve us. The truth is that the arrival of the shortcuts is interesting especially to reach more quickly those functions that we use most; For example, Instagram even allows you to change your account to go directly to the one that interests us, but the first time I wanted to delete an app I went crazy to understand how I could do it.

How are apps uninstalled on iOS 13? So you can eliminate them
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