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Google+ is updated on Android allowing to create and answer surveys

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<p style=Google+ still standing and does it updating its application on Android leaving us the opportunity to Create and answer surveys.

lately Google's social network does not stop receiving criticism of the short future that is predicted given the low importance that seemed to be giving Google. But this is not so and has been updated to continue doing it more attractive to users.

The operation for creating a survey is as simple as selecting the survey option that appears after hitting the floating pencil icon. Then we will have to ask the question with their respective answers that we want to appear, and voila. It also gives us the option to add images in each response

Finally when users have voted they can see the graphics to know in percentage of how the results are being at the moment.

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<p style=How do we see Google+ He has a way to go as a social network and will not disappear as soon as he thought. For now we have one manicured interface Material Design according to the next update Android L, which is a symptom of not having an oversight on Google.

Do you like this new Google+ functionality? Do you use this application?