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Google+ for Android is updated with improvements to the Material Design style

What a great joy we have taken, since, lto Google social networkhas been updated toversion 4.6 with more touches Material Design. And is that a new design project that was seen in the Google I / O from the company itself, called Paper Quantum at the time, he expressed that little by little Google's own applications will take shape for Android L.

The first thing we notice is the elegant change, than those of Mountain view have chosen to the Google+ icon, following the line ofelongated and dimensional shadows that we could see recently also in the Google kiosk.Another of the most striking changes is the Interface, being lighter, and where we also observe that both this and several icons have been simplified and in some aspects the colors have been retouched.

Now I will give some advice to those who have Root access and installed Tint Status Bar on their phones, and that is, so that the colors of their status bars are simplified with Google+ and be more radiant, you must enter the color code (DB4436) at Status Bar Tint.

Picture 6 Image 7

Here I leave you download link,got again thanks toAndroid Police:

What do you think of this change? Do you like it or is there something you miss?