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Free coins in Mario Kart Tour: tips for getting more

The interest aroused around Mario Kart Tour, the mobile version of the popular racing game, predicted another success for Nintendo. And so it was, since super even Pokmon GO and Super Mario Run with a total of 20 million downloads in just the first 24 hours of life.

When playing Mario Kart Tour, you need to adapt to the controls of the game and its vertical mode, which has raised some odd critics. You should also know how payments work, with some coins that will allow you to increase your collection of characters, cars and other objects. Attentive, because we explain how to get hold of them without paying a single euro.

Mario Kart Tour Toad Race

Free coins in Mario Kart Tour: tips for getting more

The coins are necessary in Mario Kart Tour to buy in the game store. At the moment, these golden objects are not for sale in the app, that is, you cannot pay directly for them. To get them, you must get behind the wheel with the following methods.

The Gold Rush with Mario

The fastest way to win coins in Mario Kart Tour is to play the Gold Rush minigame. To access this circuit, you must click on the top bar of the screen where the total coins you have appear. In doing so, see that you have to pay a series of rubies to play. The more you spend, the higher the number of coins you get at the end of the game.

  • 5 rubles – Coins multiplied by 2.
  • 15 rubles – Coins multiplied by 6.
  • 25 rubles – Coins multiplied by 10.

Select how many rubles you want to spend and start the race in which you control a golden Mario. You don't need to try to collect all the coins, the car will absorb them automatically. When the race is over, you see that you have obtained almost 400 coins, which will multiply depending on the rubles you have used.

Make a perfect run

Playing is another good way to increase your collection of gold coins. After each race, you will get a reward that depends on your driving: The better you run, the more coins you get. Therefore, be encouraged to make good skids, jumps, to throw objects at your opponents, to go out with the turbo mode, etc.

Rewards for logging in

Like we have seen in other games, Mario Kart Tour wants to thank you for using it daily. It is not necessary that you get to play a race, just by logging in every day, you will receive rewards in the form of coins, which will be interspersed with rubies.

The Gold Rush is the easiest procedure to earn coins, but you also subtract several rubies. Choose the method you like best and start playing, so you can add more characters, cars and accessories to your Mario Kart Tour account.

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Free coins in Mario Kart Tour: tips for getting more
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