Dark Sword 2

Dark Sword 2 takes all the action of black silhouettes to your mobile

Dark Sword 2 is the sequel to the first to bring everything that hooked us. The big difference is the three main characters that go through being feminine and that will demonstrate how well they know how to work together to unleash the full potential of damage possible in battle.

A title that advocate automatic attack, although it also allows us to use the manual to satisfy our desire to press repeatedly on the screen of our mobile. A game with a very dark touch, since practically every moving bug appears as a shadow in black; which also allows not to make a large consumption of resources for the mobile.

Huge display of graphic effects

With everything dark that claims to be Dark Sword 2 or Dark Sword 2, the effects of magic, special abilities and the blows of our three heroines will bring a great show to the screen of our mobile. It makes a great contrast to see those shadows moving in unison while generating those powerful abilities to annihilate dozens of enemies on the screen.

Dark Sword 2

A title that rescues everything that made Dark Sword popular and that conveys that desire to give a lot of play and action through our mobile. From the first, designed by a single designer, to say that he treasured more than 10 million downloads worldwide and that he became very popular in 54 countries. So this second part comes with great desire to follow the trail left to become one of the saga for Android of greater importance in action games.


Of course, always remembering that it has an automatic mode in which practically everything will be generated from the AI ​​of the mobile. That is, those striking special abilities that will take large screen space for deployment will be activated by our three heroines. That by the way, we can choose one of the three at all times so that before the final boss they all appear and can give everything so to annihilate it from the face of the earth.

And where are we in Dark Sword 2?

The question you will ask yourself is, where are we players if all the action is displayed by the intelligent AI of the game? Being an RPG we have to know how to evolve our three characters, so this is where one of the bases that sustains Dark Sword 2 really remains.

All three at once

On the other hand, we have already said, that you can at all times activate manual mode to be you the protagonist and participant of that escabechina that is going to be done before your eyes; What a luck that being so dark does not look much and so we almost go through being a man who walked around and killed hundreds of monsters.

We must also have some of the most interesting skills that Fatima has. She will be responsible for deploying female cyborgs that will do theirs on the battlefield. Speaking of missions, we have more than 100 missions against powerful bosses and those moments in which we have to improve our heroines with objects, pieces and battle equipment.

Offline game

Best of all, you can vitiate Dark Sword 2 offline. That is, what happens in the connection. What will already make you think about that publicity that you will not see, since without connection … A game that does not lack anything and in which we even have cooperative missions with Fatima squads. The truth is that to be a sequel they have been cured and have come with their homework done.

Dark Sword 2

Technically it is a game that stands out and in which we are left with the design of the characters, their animations and those visual effects of great spectacularity that generate intense moments of play. It's what it's about in an action game like this.

Dark Sword 2 is more than an important arrival at the Play Store so that you take the sword in hand and show what wood you are made of. You have it for free from the Play Store, so start your adventure in a very dark world.