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AR on Google Maps so you don't get lost on foot

The functionLive view Google Maps enters into ?Street View?. Simply, as we advanced, it uses augmented reality so that, when pointing with the smart phone camera to the street itself, the indications of where we should go appear superimposed. Therefore, for it to work, it is necessary that our device be compatible, by hardware and software, with the ARKit or ARCore technology. And obviously, in the place where we intend to use Live View, Google Maps has Street View with images active'at street level'. If all this is accomplished, this is how we can activate it.

Activate Livew View on Google Maps so you don't get lost when you walk

Opening the applicationGoogle Maps, what we will do is use the address bar in the usual way to selecta destination.Selected the destination, also as always, click on the optionHow to getand not on Start- to be able to select at the top, in the tools, in the optionWalking.And once this is done, in the lower central part we should find the optionLive view, which is the function at hand.

This requires an initial ?synchronization?. That is, that the Google Maps application ask us, with the camera of our smart phone, to takepoints of reference as street signs and buildings to interpret where we are exactly. If we do it correctly, the device will notify us directly by giving us the indications. In addition, we may receive vibration alerts when we have a new indication.

When we are finished, and we want to leave Live View, or we simply do not need to use this function anymore, we can click on the Google Maps Live View button or we also have the option to return the device to thevertical position.All this, obviously, saves us from Google Maps confusing us with the direction of navigation when we are doing a walking route through streets, something very common.