Nuevos Apple iPad 2019

all the features of the new tablet with iPadOS

The first of the products that Apple has announced in its event today is the new Apple iPad, specifically the seventh generation of this device that arrives with a large dimensions screen and, in addition, it does not lack the iPadOS operating system developed by Cupertino's own company.

One of the great novelties of the new Apple iPad that have been communicated is that the screen of this new model is large, specifically of 10.2 inch and, of course, a classic Retina type since the products of the Cupertino company (which means that it is almost multiplied by three what the previous generation offers). In what has to do with the finish, there is also good news, since the American firm has communicated is that the aluminum that has been used in the new model is completely recyclable, good news and something to be appreciated. Of course, there are no major developments in what has to do with the design.

The new iPad 2018 is official, and compatible with Apple Pencil

In the presentation it has become clear that this model is compatible with the Apple Pen, which improves the usual use of the tablet. And, additionally, it has been proven that Touch ID is present -which is a novelty-, which allows a simple use when it comes to using a security gateway. Another of the integrated options is the so-called Smart connector, which allows us to use USB accessories without problems thanks to the good compatibility offered by iPadOS and, of course, the keyboard of the firm itself.

Apple iPad design

More options that are part of Apple iPad 2019

In what has to do with the hardware components, one of the great options offered in the new tablet of the Cupertino firm is that it integrates the processor Fusin A10, so the power is more than assured when running all kinds of applications (including those that has to do with the edition, which shows that Apple continues to chase laptops with their iPad).

Apple iPad Recyclable

"Keyboard "Apple

The sale of the new Apple iPad is located in the September 30th globally, but from today it is possible to reserve it if it is decided. The price announced by the company for the new 10.2-inch Apple iPad is 329 dollars in its WiFi version ($ 429 if it is LTE). In Spain, the following must be paid for each of the models: 379 and 519 euros, respectively.

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