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ace records the best sports camera on the market

Yesterday was a great day for the American manufacturer. And, the firm presented the GoPro HERO8 Black, a new model that arrives on the market to become a sports camera for adventure sports lovers. And, now we bring you our opinion after having tried the new solution of the giant based in California.

And, during the last IFA of Berlin, we had the opportunity to Try the GoPro HERO8 live. As you can see in the video that accompanies these lines, say that we have been recording our contact with the new sports camera of the manufacturer. Our feelings? They could not have been better.

The GoPro HERO8 is an ideal product if you are looking for a good sports camera

During the tests we have been doing with the GoPro sports camera, it must be said that the results have been quite good. The firm has invited us to an event where we can see how it behaves in stony environments. Therefore, during the circuit we have done to test the benefits of this device, we have passed through an area of ??cobblestones where the vibration was quite remarkable.

How your technology has worked Hypersmooth 2.0? The result has been surprising, getting the action camera to record a fairly stable video despite the conditions. In this way, if yours are adventure sports where you constantly move, the GoPro Hero8 is an excellent option to consider.

Another detail that we liked a lot is the design of the new sports camera of the American manufacturer. More than anything because now it will not be necessary to have any type of specific housing to be able to couple it since it is now compatible with any system.

GoPro Hero8 sports camera

A great resistance for the new GoPro sports camera

Although our intention was not to do a resistance test, during the circuit carried out with the GoPro we had a small accident. Quite simply, the manufacturer's new sports camera has dropped us while we make the route at a speed of about 40 kilometers per hour. In addition, the car wheel has passed over it.

And eye, that the GoPro Hero8 has endured perfectly, suffering a couple of scratches and little else. It is clear that the housing is now much more resistant, a detail to consider. To this, we must add its improved design to make this product compatible with any type of system to hold it.

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If we add to this its great quality at the time of record videos, especially thanks to its technology Hypersmooth 2.0, together with its complete software that allows you to get the most out of it, we are facing a tall product. And, another of the great novelties of the GoPro Hero8 comes with its different options, which will allow us to choose between several modes, such as cinematography, ideal for recording different videos if you are an inexperienced user.

In general, the new sports camera of the American giant, but taking into account its three accessories, is an ideal product to practice adventure sports, in addition to being able to make the most of it to make videoblog. Are you looking for a good action camera? The GoPro Hero8 It is the best option to consider.