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This spectacular game simulates love with puzzles and gestures

There is a game in development within the beta zone of the Google Play Store that deserves your attention: Spitkiss. This little jewel has its own personality and a story that will awaken your most romantic side: you must communicate to two lovers to unleash their love story. But do not believe that the game only distills romanticism, that its mechanics will keep you next to the mobile for hours.

Spitkiss It is a puzzle game with a very personal aesthetic where its deep history, the drawn graphics and also its style of play take center stage. The mechanics are very similar to Puzzle Bobble or Angry Birds: you must plot a path on the screen so that the ball is directed in that direction. It chains several movements, saves obstacles and carries messages to lovers to progress in history.

Spitkiss: an original game that mixes a great story, expertise and high quality graphics

This spectacular game simulates love with puzzles, gestures and original graphics

This game is in beta, as we said. It has not yet been published on Google Play, although it has a launch reduction so that you are encouraged to try it. And we recommend it: it is not only original, it is also very fun, it poses difficult challenges to achieve and, although the mechanics are not 100% original, Spitkiss flips the shot by trajectory adding chains and different combos.

After a graphic story that will be unraveling as a preview of the levels (80), we will have to take our message from one end of the screen to the other based on always choosing the best trajectory. Being a kind of spit (Spitkiss means "spit kiss") the message will stick to the walls; so we must draw a trajectory in the opposite direction to avoid dodging obstacles. Aiming is very complicated at the beginning: you will be taking practice over time.

This spectacular game simulates love with puzzles, gestures and original graphics

Spitkiss is fun, as we said, also very original. Distill quality for each pixel, offers different challenges that increase in variety and difficulty, has its own graphic style and the story remains at an excellent level than the rest of the game. As is payment lacks purchases within the application and has no ads. It also lacks errors despite the fact that Spitkiss has not yet been officially published in the Android app store.

Give Spitkiss a chance, you'll appreciate it

Currently Spitkiss has a 25% discount; which translates into a cost of 1.59 euros, it is well worth it for that price. It is an award winning game of the highest quality. If you want to know it, you already know: you only need to download it from the following link.

This spectacular game simulates love with puzzles and gestures
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