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The Pixel Launcher has a new gesture to access notifications

It is possible that many of you, especially Pixel users, already know what it is. Obviously, with the Pixel 3 and its predecessors you had the possibility of lowering the notification bar by sliding from top to bottom on the fingerprint sensor. It is not an exclusive gesture, much less new, but it was certainly useful.

So Google had to find a solution. And what they have done is also nothing new, much less innovative, but it is very good that we have this option for pure Android. We talk aboutlower the notification bar from anywhere on the main screen.

pixel 4 pixel launcher new gesture

The new Pixel Launcher gesture: Swipe from any point on the screen

As we have said, it is nothing new. Swipe from anywhere on the main screen Customization layers from manufacturers such as Samsung OneUI or OnePlus OxygenOS already had these capabilities since the implementation of Android 9 (and even earlier versions).

Anyway, it is a gesture that is very grateful to have it, whatever the phone. Since not having to reposition your finger when you are using your phone to reach the top of the screen greatly improves the user experience.

pixel launcher new gesture

This gesture is applied in the Pixel Launcher version dedicated to Pixel 4, although surely in a short time we will have it in other phones with Android One. This new version of the launcher may hide other novelties, both physical and functional, and also code optimization so that its operation is much more fluid and effective. And maybe to adapt to news that we will see, such as the app of themes and more.

What is your opinion? Do you think it's a gesture that was missing from Android Stock anyway? Or do you think that with the sliding of the finger by the reader it was solved?