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SanDisk presents the prototype of a 4TB USB memory # CES2019

In terms of storage, companies have not always allowed themselves to compete in a fairly common way. Knowing how many more gigabytes they can put in an increasingly smaller space and the speed of data transfer.

Long ago Kingston presented a memory 2TB USB in a device that in sight was extremely robust. A year later SanDisk humiliated its competitors with the smallest USB-C memory with a capacity of 1 TB.

And well, it seems that this last company decided to continue in the race to demonstrate what it is capable of and in this CES 2019 has unveiled the prototype of a USB-C with a total capacity of 4 TB

Compared to the model of last year we can appreciate that change in design and is much more pleasing to the eye. The USB-C connection is given through a small cable that is hidden in a hole in the side.

SanDisk does not detail whether this huge memory will be released, but as it happened last year, this is probably only a sample of how the company has evolved in terms of research and infrastructure to finally have these results. We hope to know more about the possibilities that this entails in the storage section.

Would you like the idea of ??having so much capacity in your pocket? Tell us your opinion in the comment box below, it is important for us to know what you think.

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