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'Pinocchio' revive from the hand of Director Guillermo del Toro

The classic story of Pinocchio, the wooden grin that dreamed of becoming a real child, and whose nose grew every time a lie declined, has filled the imagination of adults and children for generations, from its origins in Italy in 1881 when the story was published in the book by Carlo Collodi Le Avventure di Pinocchio.

The classic 1940s Disney cartoon interpretation, or the puppet's fun participation in the films of Shrek They are the most popular versions of this character. But now, one of the most recognized Mexican filmmakers bring this story to the small screen, and nothing less than Netflix.

Guillermo del Toro75th Venice Film Festival Maria Moratti / With You / Getty Images

Indeed, Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will make his debut as director of an animated feature film with this project, which is simply titled Pinocchio. This being the first movie he embarks on since The Shape of Water, which won four Academy Awards last year, including Best Director and Best Film.

Del Toro has decided to tell the classic story of Pinocchio in Italy, but the site in the 30s. This marks the expansion in Netflix's relationship with the filmmaker and writer, who had already created the television series Trollhunters from Dreamworks, which received an Emmy award.

No art form has influenced my life and my work more than animation, and no character in history has had a personal connection as deep as Pinocchio, Guillermo del Toro told us. In our history, Pinocchio is an innocent soul with a detached father who is lost in a world he cannot understand. He embarks on an extraordinary journey that leaves him with a deep understanding of his father and the real world.

This project is not something new. Already years ago we had heard rumors of its possible production, but did not receive the expected welcome. Now, it seems that Del Toro's passion and persistence in making this particular story come true is about to bear fruit. Since I can remember I wanted to make this movie, said the director. After the incredible experience we have had with Trollhunters, I am grateful that the Netflix team is giving me the opportunity of my life to present to the audience everywhere my version of this strange ttere turned into a real child.

Pinocchio is a production of Guillermo del Toro and The Jim Henson Company, who will carry out the development of the work with the company Shadow Machine, who will be responsible for the production of the animation stop motion. In addition, they have a team of experts in the field of animation and production, who will work together taking as inspiration the original design of the character of Pinocchio created by the American writer and illustrator Steve Soenksen, known as Gray Grimly. The puppets will be created by Mackinnon and Saunders.

Netflix said that the production of Pinocchio begin towards the end of this year. We wonder if we will see the cute Pepito Grillo again.

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