Improvements to the Moto family camera application

Improvements to the Moto family camera application

In the photographic section, the camera applications that are pre-installed on our smartphones often do not give us the characteristics that we as photographers would like to have. This leads us to resort more often to other apps to improve or give a different effect to our photos or videos.

Motorola is on the way to meet the needs of its users in the aspect of camera so it has prepared an update for its application Moto Camera two that integrate new functions.

However, it should be noted that only devices from the Moto G5 Plus will be compatible with these features here with my Moto G4 .

Augmented Reality, Color Filter, Watermark and more

Now through Google Lens we can select the option to add Augmented Reality stickers either to take a photo / video of us or the environment with a virtual character of our liking. This option will come included only for Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play models.

The Splash effect is one of the most seen by networks and now Moto Camera 2 have the possibility of leaving the photo we want with a highlighted color and everything else in black and white. To this filter will be added a few more and the possibility of integrating the watermark in the photographs with the smartphone model in the lower left.

For the interface, a leveler is integrated to help take pictures with a precise angle, the possibility of always having the camera in manual mode and the addition of a histogram and color temperature to make the white balance modification easier.

What do you think of these functions for the Moto camera? Will you stop using additional apps? Tell me in the comments box your experience with Moto Camera 2.

Download here Moto Camera 2

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