How to activate Android 10 dark mode

How to activate Android 10 dark mode

Although with Android 9 Pie the Mountain View company had already taken its first steps, it hasn't been untilAndroid 10 that hedark mode It has been implemented one hundred percent. And you don't have to activate this‘Night mode’ in the apps manually, because they inherit the configuration that we have applied to the system. So, being so, the only thing we have to know ishow to activate, on mobile devices withAndroid 10, the famousdark mode

Each manufacturer, depending on the personalization layer of their devices, can slightly vary the procedure to follow. However, if we haveAndroid 10 installed in our smart phone, the differences will be really few. This is something that not only affects Google Pixels, but any smart phone model and Android 10 tablet. To activate the dark mode, what we have to do is the following:

So you can activate the dark mode in Android 10 for all applications

Open the native application ofSettings,and within the same scroll to the section ofScreen. In this section the brightness level setting is available and we also have the night light tool. It is where we can let the brightness adjust automatically and where we can also change the wallpaper, among other things. But what interests us is the next point, which appears asDark theme. And the only thing we have to do is activate it.

Once this is done, the changes should be applied directly to both the system interface and compatible applications. However, it is recommendedreboot the device. Why? Because the interface configuration, in some apps, is stored at the cache level. When restarting, all data in cache is deleted and all apps will be run again, so we will ensure that the application is applied.dark mode We just enabled.

Although we have the dark mode enabled in Android 10, in some applications it can be activated and deactivated manually. We may want this configuration on the system, and most apps, but in the settings of some of them we can disable it –exclusively for application In case we prefer to continue seeing it with a clear background. But in this case we will touch the specific settings of the application, thus leaving the oscuro dark theme ’activated in the Android 10 screen settings.