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Google Maps will make it easier to report and view areas with slow traffic

google maps function traffic report traffic 720x720Since Google bought Waze six years ago, the web giant has gradually added a series of useful features of the popular application to its own Google Maps. The latter is an improved function of reporting incidents and traffic jams. The main objective is to help drivers avoid areas where traffic is problematic, with a new method of extracting data in real time fed by the drivers themselves on the road.

Under the name of "vehicular congestion," this feature allows drivers who use Google Maps to report manually when slow traffic is causing a traffic jam, giving those approaching the area the opportunity to change their route or adjust their travel from others. ways, to reach your destination faster.

While Google Maps already shows the roads where traffic is problematic with different colors along the affected part of a route, it may take time for changes to appear on the map. Providing drivers with the opportunity to manually report slow traffic offers Google systems another additional layer of data, and also has the potential to shorten the time it takes for the information to appear in the application, to help other drivers approximate the area.

Before these changes, incident reports for Google Maps allow you to see areas of accidents and speed traps. Now, the new feature offers an additional way for drivers to help each other by informing what they see when they are on the road. The ability is gradually being implemented on Android devices, but it is still unclear whether Google Maps for iPhone will also receive the function.

If you have an Android phone you can check if it is possible to inform you of traffic jams in Google Maps by first locating the sign ?+?Inside a bubble at the bottom left of the screen. When touched, you will have the opportunity to add traffic details, including crashes, speed traps, and, if available, vehicular congestion, allowing the application to better calculate routes, or send alerts to drivers when they are approaching a problematic area .

Other new features that have been added to Google Maps in recent months include closer integration with Lime bicycles and scooters, hashtags support when users leave a review for some business or company, and the ability to send messages to companies directly through the application.

If you still can't decide between Google Maps and Waze, or you're not sure of their functions or differences, at Digital Trends we closely analyze what each application offers so you can decide which one suits you.

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