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Apple teaches you to use some of the Mail app features in iOS 13 with two new videos

Many people opt for an iPhone or iPad for iOS. The operating system for Apple mobile devices is quite simple to use and intuitive. However, as easy as it may be, there are always some functions or tricks that are overlooked, and that can be very useful in our day. That's why Apple, through its YouTube support channel, publishes tutorials.

They recently launched a series of videos to help people learn to use iPadOS, which is the new operating system for tablets from Cupertino's, which, among other things, adds support for Bluetooth mouse. Now it's the turn of the email manager native of the ecosystem of the bitten apple: Mail.

How to block a sender and attach a photo

The first video, which is just under a minute long, shows how to block a sender in the Mail application for iOS. Although the manager has a filter that usually recognizes junk or SPAM emails and moves them to their relevant folder or deletes them, it is not infallible. Or we may be interested in blocking a specific email address. Whatever your case, to do so you have to go to Settings> Email> Sender options blocked.

All new iPadOS gestures to master text editing

The second is about how to attach a photo in iOS 13. With almost 30 seconds of duration, the video explains how to do it, because in iOS 13 it has changed compared to previous versions of the operating system. When we are writing an email, we must click on the toolbar at the top of the keyboard and select the photo section.

         Apple teaches you to use some of the Mail app features in iOS 13 with two new videos