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Android 10 on Redmi Note 4 and 6 Pro, OnePlus 5 and 5T, LG V30 and others

android 10 custom roms lineageos 17

Android 10 (unofficial) available for some Redmi, OnePlus and the Galaxy Tab S5e

The official updates –a priori- They always work perfectly. That is the problem ofports of updates like this, that ofAndroid 10. That, while it is true that they are functional in their great majority, and stable, there is a possibility that some hardware functions or components may not operate correctly. In the case ofRedmi Note 4, launched at the beginning of 2017, we already have Android 10 available from LineageOS 17, but the fingerprint sensor sometimes causes problems

The issue is different for theXiaomi Redmi 6 Pro, which receives its update to Android 10 unofficially based on another?Build? and that, in addition, seems to have no problem. In this case, at least according to its developer, everything works correctly and we can enjoy the latest operating system from the Mountain View company. And your custom ROM is not based on LineageOS 17, but on Pixel Experience, with an ?Android Stock? approach.

Third are theOnePlus 5 YOnePlus 5T which, as we advanced, also have an update to Android 10 so?Extra official?. In this case they are based oncrDroid 6.0, and again you have to alert about it, because some users comment that it gives certain problems with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. There have also been reports of problems with the fingerprint sensor with the OnePlus 5T, although it does not occur to all users.

And in the case ofLG V30, we also have an update to enjoy Android 10. But here you also have to be careful, and even more, because your own developer warns that it is aalpha version for the moment. In general terms, this unofficial port of LineageOS 17 can be used, but there can be a wide variety of faults, so if we look for stability it is not advisable to install.

And there is a single tablet that Android 10 is receiving unofficially, which is theSamsung Galaxy Tab S5e. In this last case it is a modified version of LineageOS 17, unofficial, and that seems to have no errors, or at least that its problems are not serious for the user experience.