Dell Venue 8 7000 Series: ya a la venta y premio del CES 2015

already on sale and prize of the CES 2015

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<p style=The CES 2015 has left us many news, many of them very interesting and others not so much, but news are. Today what I bring you is not entirely a novelty, but the sale of a tablet that we all expected. It’s about the Venue 8 7000 Series, a tablet that already knew almost everything, but only missing its sale. Well, I already tell you that you can buy it on the official Dell website.

This tablet is undoubtedly a challenge to innovation by Dell, since they have achieved things that others surely did not even imagine. But hey, let’s go parts. We are facing a thin device, but it is not only thin, but goes to the extreme of being The thinnest tablet in the world. Its design is minimalist but with very good quality finishes.

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As we can see it is a tablet that stands out for having very small margins and only disturbed by that lower margin for the coupling of the speaker and the front camera. This may seem to disturb the design of the tablet but it is necessary to hold it without having to press the screen by accident. Manufactured in brushed aluminumThey want to take it and know what their experience is.

For the technical part we have a screen of 8.4 inches with FullHD resolution 2560 × 1600 pixels. As far as data is concerned, it looks like a good screen. If we look a little further inside we can know that the tablet work under a processor Intel Atom Z3580, which runs four cores at 2.3 Ghz. I have not had the possibility to test this processor, but together with the 2 GB of RAM, it surely yields Android version 4.4 smoothly.

The photographic section on tablets is not something to highlight normally, but in Venue 8. We have 3 rear cameras. S, 3 cameras. A principal of 8 megapixels and two additional ones that will provide selective focus among many other things to the photographs we take. This Intel has given a name, and it is RealSense,with which we can do many things once the photographs are taken.

As we can see it is a complete sper tablet, with an increasingly used size and that I personally prefer. But not only does it have a good size, but it may be the most compact tablet that we can see in the Android panorama right now, since it has very small margins and a thickness of only 6 millimeters. Personally, I think it’s an impressive tablet that has bet very hard and can be a benchmark in 2015.

Thanks to all these developments, the Venue 8 7000 Series has been awarded as the most innovative tablet of CES 2015. But not only this, but it has also received another award for the best Android tablet. Many may differ from whether this is really like that or not, but what we are all sure is that we are facing a large tablet that could possibly give a lot to talk about in 2015.

Finally tell you that you can get it on the official Dell page at a price of 399 dollars.

What do you think of this tablet and its innovations?

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