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Wolder miTab Evolution W2 and miTab Link: analysis and user experience

The Spanish manufacturer Wolder a few weeks ago he presented a new batch of tablets, a whole renewal of his miTab catalog. Among them are the miTab EVOLUTION W2, a somewhat different model since it includes a Bluetooth keyboard that can be used as a screen protection, so it can be a very economical alternative for those who do not need the power of a laptop, Android Apps are enough and also want to maintain the comfort of the physical keyboard; and on the other hand the miTab Link, a low cost model (? 59), With very fair features but still running under Android 4.4.

If we take a look back, we will see that there are not too many physical differences between the Evolution W1 and this new W2, Only some internal changes help us distinguish them. We will review all that this affordable tablet offers us that has an official price of ? 179.

Wolder mismart link_001

Review of the Wolder miTab Evolution W2 and miTab Link

Starting with the technical review of the largest, the Evolution W2 has an IPS screen of 10.1 inches with reinforced glass, its resolution is HD (1280 × 800 pixels), which at this point we are already somewhat short with the figures we usually handle in high-end devices, but never forget its price.

While the miTab Link It is a much smaller tablet, with 7-inch screen and resolution 800 × 480 pixels, a very poor figure that "suffers" with the naked eye, but hey, it's ? 59.

Inside the Evolution W2 we have a QuadCore ARM Cortex A9 processor that does not indicate a specific model, accompanied by 1GB of RAM and 16 GB RAM (expandable through micro SD). The small Link has a dual core CPU at 1.5GHz and also 1GB of RAM (remember that KitKat requires at least 512MB), in this case, the internal memory goes down to 4GB, with a microSD slot.

wolder mitab evolution w2_011

Specifications of the Wolder miTab Evolution W2 | miTab Link

  • 10.1 inch HD LCD IPS screen | 7 inch 800 × 480 LCD
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 processor | Dual Core 1.5 GHz
  • GPU PowerVR SGX540 | 3D Dual Core
  • 1GB RAM | 1GB RAM
  • Internal storage: 16GB + microSD | 4GB + microSD
  • 2MP rear camera | miTab Link doesn't have
  • Front camera: VGA | VGA
  • Battery: 6000mAh | 2400mAh
  • WiFi b / g / n + BT 4.0 | WiFi b / g / n
  • Android 4.4. KitKat stock

Design and construction

miTab Evolution W2

The 10.1-inch tablet does not give us any surprise in its design, it has the form that we used to see on devices like this, with a clean front and entirely covered by the glass that hides the HD panel and the front camera. Specifically, the Evolution W2 has dimensions of 270.8 x 174 x 9.4 mm, and its weight rises to 650 grams, So it is not the lightest.

wolder mitab evolution w2_001

On the back we find only the 2MP camera lens centered, without flash, while all connections and outputs are on one side. There we have the connections microUSB, miniHDMI, 3.5mm jack input and the microSD slot, as well as the perforated part for the speakers, a pity that they are not on the front in a tablet of this size, where the consumption of multimedia content will be the main use (according to the manufacturer , the 6000mAh battery holds up to 4 hours of video playback).

The particularity that we find in this model is that it is a hybrid, since with the tablet we will also receive a physical keyboard dock. Unlike other accessories of this type, Wolder's keyboard does not physically connect to the tablet, but works through Bluetooth, So it has its own battery (which we will have to recharge via microUSB).

wolder mitab evolution w2_002

It should be clear that this dock does not increase the autonomy of the tablet, but it does fits perfectly to your body, being able to use it as a screen protection, in the style of a traditional laptop. The dock only has a small tab to turn it on and a couple of LED?s that indicate if it is connected or charged. It has a centerpiece that opens to hold the tablet at a certain angle. As for the keys, you have to get used to them, the touch is a bit different and, like a PC, we have keyboard shortcuts to increase brightness, volume, block, open certain Apps …

miTab Link

In the little Wolder miTab Link We have a smaller tablet (189 x107 x 9.5 mm) and 267 grams of weight. It is built in plastic, but it has a rough finish quite nice in the back.

Wolder mismart link_005

Not having a main camera, the front webcam is the only thing we find under the front glass, while all the power button, microUSB input and 3.5mm jack are on one side, as well as the SD slot. As you can see I have not mentioned the volume buttons, because the Link doesn't have them, but we will have to raise and lower the sound from virtual buttons on the interface, in my opinion a big bug.

User experience

Evolution W2, a hybrid with Android

With the Wolder Evolution W2 we have had very good feelings considering the type of product it is. Your performance with KitKat is very satisfactory, obviously it is not super fast and sometimes it costs a little to move more demanding Apps and games, but in general it behaves well.

The screen, in which we would have liked to enjoy a little more resolution, fulfills its mission, the IPS panel shows natural colors, without oversaturation and with a quick response. He brightness It is correct and more than enough indoors, in exteriors with direct light suffers, like most screens, although in this case it is less worrying since its use is not so common in the street, a park, etc.