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the official application to know all the results

The decisive day has arrived after weeks of pre-campaign, two of campaign and also after two intense debates between the four major parties. Now is the time to deposit the wishes in the ballot box using the envelopes and ballots that each polling station makes available to the voters. And of course, it was also time to know the election results, those that will mark the destiny of Spain for the next four years.

There are several applications related to Spanish General Elections what's in the Google Play, but the only one that will offer the data live according to the scrutiny is the official of the Ministry of Interior. So you know: to get timely information about the results you need this application.

28A General Elections 2019, the official application of the Ministry of Interior

General elections in Spain: the best application to know the results

The application we are talking about is the state official and also the one that will provide real-time scrutiny since you have access to the counting system. This implies that, if you install it, you will get the results just like the rest of the media: punctual and broken down by the national total or by autonomy.

As the results will not be available until the polling stations close at 8pm, and then the counts begin, you will not find too much information in the app until it is the key time. Once the scrutiny begins 28A General Elections 2019 will offer all the information you need.

General elections in Spain: the best application to know the results

The application is very careful and is as intuitive as it is easy to use. It is divided between participation in General elections and the results themselves, both those of Congress like those of Senate. In addition, the application includes all the results of the last elections, so you can contrast the scrutiny of this night with the one that happened on the night of June 26, 2016.

The official application with all the results of the Spanish General Elections of 2019 Now available in the Google Play Store. We recommend it if you want to use the mobile phone to inform you promptly of the scrutiny and of all the deputies achieved by each political force.