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How to use ISO in our Rflex camera?

What is ISO in a camera? In general, the ISO is the sensitivity of our camera's sensor, which means that depending on the value of this parameter, the camera will be able to capture more light or less.

The difference that the ISO has of the shutter speed and the diaphragm, is that the ISO digitally amplifies the signal, to obtain greater light. However, when doing this in situations where the light is really absent, a kind of grain or better known as noise begins to appear in the darkest areas of our photograph.

The noise in the photograph is seen as the greatest loss of quality in a photograph, despite this there are photographers who argue that it is better to have a subject in our frame with whatever noise it is, not to have anything in our frame.

However, we must clarify something this depends on the context of the photograph that we are going to make an example will be: if we are going to do Fashion or advertising photography, it is recommended that this noise does not appear in any area because in this context the beauty is sought aesthetics of some product or some model so everything must be perfect.

On the other hand, in an urban photography this type of detail goes unnoticed, and in many occasions they usually give the photography a plus, the same happens with the photography of stars in this type of photographs, really high values ??are used that in our life we ??would have imagined.

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