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How to improve the OnePlus 3 RAM management by updating

OnePlus 3 RAM upgrade

OnePlus is a firm that was born very recently, but it has certainly managed to gain a foothold in the difficult Android market. With their OnePlus One they demonstrated that a very top-of-the-range terminal can be made without having to reach such high prices.

After that success, the Chinese firm presented the OnePlus 2, which was a good terminal but did not succeed the first time. That is why the manufacturer has put the batteries and has given everything with his new OnePlus 3.

This terminal has the best hardware market, and added that it is quite cheaper. Possibly the most surprising feature is that it has 6GB of RAM, something quite spectacular for a phone.

However, the issue of RAM in this terminal has been quite controversial, since it seems that it is not used so efficiently, and this leaves it somewhat below in performance when compared to terminals such as the Galaxy S7. But OnePlus has already decided to improve this with an OTA that we will tell you what it is.

Now there will be a better RAM management

The OnePlus CEO explained that 6GB of RAM fulfills its function in relation to energy consumption, being therefore more efficient in that. However, in terms of performance, perhaps we saw that it is below terminals with similar benefits.

Undoubtedly, limiting the potential of such an amount of RAM is not too logical, so the Chinese firm said that by modifying the file it will be solved, but this is a complex process for almost any user.

As a result of all this, OnePlus will launch an OTA to solve this problem. In this way, the terminal should already take full advantage of the amount of RAM, which will make it jump in terms of performance (which is already very good).

And if this were not enough, the temperature of the AMOLED screen will change a little, which may have an impact on better energy consumption, something we always appreciate.

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