How to go out with turbo on Mario Kart Tour, trick to win races

How to go out with turbo on Mario Kart Tour, trick to win races

But if you've ever playedMario Kart in game consoles, you know that this of theturbo output You have to control it. If you accelerate ahead of time, the car will skid and you will leave even slower than if you had accelerated normally. The acceleration must be controlled and press the button –the throttle- just in time for this little turbo to activate. Otherwise, more than help you, penalize you and make you leave from the last position in the first round. And inMario Kart Tour It is something easier than in game consoles, but you also have to be clearhow to go out with turbo not to be mistaken in the attempt.

Exit with turbo in Mario Kart Tour how is it done to improve acceleration?

No matter what type of control you have activated in Mario Kart Tour, because the‘Started with turbo’ It always works the same way. As you know, the race starts at the starting grid and with the traffic light making a countdown fromthree seconds, which also appear highlighted in the central part of the screen. It is here that we have to make the exit with turbo. In the back account, when I dialthree do absolutely nothing and, as soon asmark two, then is when you have topress and hold on the screen.

From this moment when two is marked on the screen, we have to press and hold. The next thing is that one appears on the screen, obviously, and the following isthe exit. If we have pressed in two, and kept pressed until the end, we will see thatturbo mode is activated and we left the grill with some more acceleration than normal. Now the key is to avoid colliding with the rest of the drivers so they don't stop us.

Keep in mind that in Mario Kart the ‘traps’ are better the longer we are. If we go out in first position, when passing through one of the boxes of traps, our objects will be worse than those obtained by the players in the back positions. However, if we make a balance we will realize, over time, that it is always better to get the first position and plot alone.