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How to fix the bug that causes "cows" notifications on Samsung Galaxy

It is likely that on some occasion you have found that your Samsung galaxy shows you the notifications, but by unfolding the window down, no text appears; or more, well, it is written in white and therefore it is not possible to read it. The notifications are real and do not affect the app of which you are notifying us, but we find it impossible to know what you are notifying us since the content of the same can not see it.

This bug, known as "Cow notifications" or "blank notifications" it is a common fault recently discovered in the Samsung Galaxy that have updated to Android 10, so it?s not just about your unit.

How to see the text of blank notifications on your Samsung Galaxy

First of all, we will understand where this fault comes from, which will lead us directly to the solution.

This problem only happens to those users who use dark mode, one of the novelties that have arrived with Android 10 to the Galaxy, more specifically to those who have it programmed.

Apparently the phone does not finish changing the color of the text when it goes from black to white mode automatically, keeping the content of the notification blank which showed when the background was dark.

The solution is to activate it again in the dark mode and then deactivate it; This will restore the content of the notification, forcing the text to change color.

To switch between dark and standard mode, just go to Settings / Display / Night mode or by activating it from the quick settings by displaying the upper window.

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Imagine that Samsung will solve it soon with some system update, but until then we will have to do it manually. Remember to check periodically if you have any pending updates to install, because it is very likely to be corrected in the next one they launch.