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How to change the MacBook Pro battery? We tell you!

Do you think your MacBook Pro's battery is disappointing? At first, when you bought the equipment, its performance was good, but over time the battery stops working so well, the charging times lengthen and its performance worsens. They are signs that the time may have come to know and learn how to change the MacBook Pro battery. But switching to a new battery is not always as simple as taking out the old one and adding a new one: it all depends on the type of MacBook Pro computer that have and what exactly the problem is. Therefore, in this guide, we summarize all the existing caustics and solutions depending on the equipment.

Integrated batteries (2009 and onwards)

change the battery of the MacBook Pro

If you have a MacBook Pro from mid 2009 or later, the battery will be integrated and it is not advisable to try to replace it yourself since it is attached to the board. In fact, there isn't even an easy way to reach the battery without disassembling your MacBook. What to do in this case? This job is better left to professionals.

To replace these batteries, it is best to locate a nearby Apple Store and schedule a replacement battery; its specialists will do the work with guarantees, or Apple has authorized service providers that are trained to replace the batteries properly incorporated. If there is no Apple store nearby, it is best to locate authorized suppliers in your area on the web and see what they offer battery replacement services.

Keep in mind that Apple's one-year limited warranty includes coverage in the event of a defective battery, which helps cover costs. The AppleCare protection plan will also replace any battery that falls below 80 percent of its original capacity. Otherwise, you will have to pay the cost of the new battery and the replacement service.

Apple free replacement program

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There is a special battery replacement offer for the 13-inch MacBook Pro model (without a touch bar) that was manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017. Some of these models were affected by a defect that caused the battery to expand; This does not present a danger (they will not explode or anything similar), but it can cause many performance problems.

As a result of this, Apple replace the batteries of any of these MacBook Pro for free. If you believe that your Pro model may be among those affected, check it by checking the serial number here; Apple will provide you with details on how to carry out the replacement of the battery for free.

Replaceable batteries (models prior to 2009)

About ten years ago, Apple began the gradual migration of removable batteries to ?integrated? batteries that are literally glued to the MacBook's body. Apple's reasoning was simple: the built-in batteries were more compact, safer from a consumer point of view, and allowed them to continue making MacBooks thinner and thinner. However, the cost is expensive for the user: you cannot replace an integrated battery, and only older MacBook Pros are capable of being able to change the battery yourself without major complications.

So how do I know for sure if my model has a removable battery? There are two easy ways to find out and the MacBook Pro that have replaceable batteries are:

– Previous models in mid-2009, when replacement began on the 13 and 15-inch MacBook – Models without Retina display.

how to change macbook pro battery 720x720 battery

If your MacBook Pro meets any of these two requirements, check the computer chassis to find the removable battery held by a screwed panel. Buy a new battery compatible with your model and make the change yourself. The prices of a new battery range between $ 50 and $ 80 dollars, depending on the model.

2018 versions and future models

how to change macbook pro 2018 air battery 720x720 batteryMacRumors photo

Apple is changing its battery replacement policy as we have pointed out: in the past, the built-in models had batteries attached to the chassis that were difficult to remove and require the total replacement of the upper aluminum cover (another reason not to try House). With the latest models, however, Apple is testing a new approach, where batteries can be removed with specialized tools and replaced with a new adhesive without having to replace the entire upper case.

At the moment, this new way to change the battery is only available for the 2018 models of the MacBook Air although there is no doubt that reaching the future MacBook Pro that Apple has in its portfolio. While we don't know if Apple will change the fees it charges for battery replacement, it should at least make the process faster and reach more models.

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