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How to change the download folder used by Google Chrome

Doing so is very simple. Maybe it does not offer us the amount of options that we would like, but we know that we can move the downloads to our SD card to avoid filling our internal storage. Attentive or attentive, these are the steps to follow.

How to change the download folder

To do this you will have to open Google Chrome and click on the button with three dots, in the upper right part of the screen. There we will go toConfigurationand we will lookDownloads,that we will find it at the end of everything, beforeChrome information,That is the last option. We can also access by clicking on the same option button at the top right of the screen and clicking ondownloads and then the buttonof gearin the upper right. Both will lead us to the same place.

Chrome folder downloads

Once we have reached the download option, three options will appear,Location of downloads, Ask where to save the filesYDownload recommended articles for you with Wi-Fi.We are only interested in the first two. If we click on the first one, we can choose if you want it to be saved in the internal memory or on the SD card.

In case you do not have an SD card placed in your mobile phone, either because you do not have it at that moment inserted or because your phone does not have a slot to insert a Micro SD card, only the amount of space available in your folder will appear of downloads.

chrome downloads folder

But we have another option:Ask where to save the files.We will press there if we want that, every time we go to download a file, ask us in which folder we want to save it. This way we can choose the location ourselves manually, similar to how we do it in its versions for desktop systems such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

Chrome folder downloads

And that's it, that easy. Especially if you have a Micro SD card in your mobile phone we recommend that you move the downloads there, so you have more space for applications and system files, which may have to be stored in the internal memory of your device.

Any questions you can leave it in the comments.

Google Chrome: fast and secure

Google Chrome: fast and secure