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How to add Google accounts on Android

AGoogle account It can only be used for Gmail, for example, but also for the rest of the services and products of the Mountain View company –such as Android-. And your mobile device is surely configured with one, but you canadd Google accounts at pleasure If you have several, it is easy to add them from the native Device Settings application.

In youGoogle account there are services like Gmail or Google Maps; but also purchases and downloads of apps and games from Google Play Store, for example. In fact, there is much more information such as the backup of your device. It is something essential in Android phones and tablets, the Google account, but not only can we have one set up and synchronized on our device. We canadd accounts easily so that, among other things, the calendars or contacts of all of them can be synchronized on our device. And it is done as follows:

Add Google accounts on Android: how it is done, step by step

On your device, regardless of whether it is a mobile or a tablet, access the native application ofSettings. And inside it, navigate to the section ofAccounts Once here you see a list with your accounts already set up, and the usual thing is that a Google account is already synchronized. But foradd more, we simply have to click on the buttonAdd account and then select from the list the type of account we want to add. In this case, click onGoogle, evidently.

The next thing to happen is that the device will display the Google login page, initially requesting theaddress of email The next thing is to enter the corresponding password, and voila. Then we will return to the list of accounts, and if we click on the one we just added we will see two sections: Google account and synchronization. Click on synchronization and another additional menu will open with adjustments on the synchronization of the account.

In this section we can choose what we want to be synchronized, and what not. We can choose the calendar, contacts, Google Fit data, people data, Gmail, Google Play Movies and also Google Calendar. Depending on whether we activate it, or not, the information we put on our device will be sent to the account, and the information stored in the account will be received by our device in the corresponding applications just mentioned.