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Download Meisai, the app that applies effects in real time on your body

Every bit we see how a new app achieves what many services want: to be viral and to be known thanks to word of mouth. Examples of this? One of the most recently played has been Faceapp and its filter that ages us. Now, the new trend seems to be Meisai, an exclusive application for iPhone that applies effects in real time on our body or that of our friends.

Perhaps one of the triggers has been the result offered by this invention, practically detecting perfectly the delimitation of our organism and that of the bottom of the composition.

The app that detects your silhouette and applies effects in real time on your body

effects on your meisai body

Amaia Romero working psychodance in the streets of Barcelona. | Instagram

As if it were magic, the app is capable of "Follow" the movement of your body (be it all your silhouette, just your hand, your head …) incorporating different effects from which an aggressive pixelation stands out, saving the bottom of such a filter and keeping it as we see it in reality.

Moreover, the reverse action can also be performed: keeping the body intact and modifying the background based on effects.

In the GIF that we inserted above you can see an example of how it works. Probably vaindose of the cut that makes the portrait mode of the iPhone, is able to separate the background from the foreground, differentiating both planes with great ease.

In fact, it is one of the first apps you use the new advances of ARKit that Apple has implemented in the new iPhone, hence it is only compatible with the latest devices that the Apple company has launched: iPhone XR, XS and 11 (and their respective models).

You can download MEISAI for free and try it for yourself

If you like the idea or were looking for what app was the one you've seen so much on Twitter and Instagram, here it is.

Also, keep in mind that you can download MEISAI for free, that is, only on the aforementioned iPhone. Well, technically you can install it on other iPhone with iOS 13, but when you open it you will return an error message.