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Beat: Mercedes Benz private transportation service arrives in Mexico

Uber has been one of the first applications of private transport to arrive in Mexico and a little more than six years of remaining in the country little by little, some competitors have arrived, some more promising than others, but competition is competition.

In the past we talked about the arrival of Didi and what a place already managed to be made in some areas, but it also has its own. Personally I feel that I have quite a few problems when making some charges I speak from my experience . Well, some time ago it was learned that a new company dedicated to private transport had its sights on our country and that it was even already in its recruitment phase. We talked about Beat.

The company Mercedez Benz owns and that was born in Athens, Greece has officially started operating this February 18 in Mexico City and among what they promise is passenger safety and the lowest prices in the national market. Next, we present a comparison made by us where we place the same route for the services of Uber, Didi and Beat.

Surprisingly, at least on this route, the application meets the price with a difference of up to $ 30 pesos and if so, it will be done with a large number of users. We will have to see how it unfolds with the passing of the days. At the moment it is known that the company has large growth plans in Latin America.

How much do you use apps to transport yourself? You already got on a Beat? Tell us your experience in the comment box.

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