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Xiaomi seeks to improve the fingerprint sensor under the screen

From the low range to the highest range among smartphones, the fingerprint reader has become a fundamental section that ensures the security of the information we collect on our devices. This has made this section represent an opportunity for innovation for developers.

The last thing in fingerprint technology has been its inclusion under the screen eliminating the area behind the device or on the edge of the screen to allow the latter to take up more space. As this improvement we loved, there were those who found it a bit uncomfortable since the area of ​​the sensor is not very wide that we say in any of the manufacturers and this can make it difficult to unlock the smartphone.

Faced with this problem is Xiaomi who intends with future devices hopefully soon and if users want it, expand the area of ​​fingerprint reading. This is explained by the co-founder of the company Bin Lin in a post of the Chinese social network Weibo in which a video of the prototype was also published:

The executive explains that the sensor area is up to 25mm x 50.2mm, which is much larger than any of the sensors of this type that are currently on the market. Allow to unlock the device without the need to see it directly apart its characteristic called Key entry Help unlock with one touch.

Hopefully see this technology soon to approve with our own hands. What did you think? Leave your opinion in the comment box, it's free and it helps us improve.

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