Why does my PC have IP 169.254.X.X?

Why does my PC have IP 169.254.X.X?

It is possible that on some occasion we would meetproblems with the internet connection and at the time of checking the IP address that our team has we find the address169.253.X.X, which is outside the router's range and therefore the PC cannot see the devices on the network and has no Internet connection.

This address is fromAPIPA protocol (Automatic Private Internet Addressing)o Automatic Private Addressing of the Internet Protocol, and whose purpose is toassign our team an IP address between the range and long as the equipment is configured with automatic DHCP addressing but communication with the DHCP server is not achieved to obtain a valid IP address, it is when the APIPA protocol comes into operation.

This protocol acts as a kind of contingency plan to achieve communication with teams that are in the same situation and each5 minutesSearch for a DHCP server on the network which can provide a valid IP address. To try to solve this problem, the following steps can be performed:

  • Check the availability of the DHCP server.
  • Check the status of the network cable.
  • Check that no firewall is blocking the communication.
  • Use the command in the Windows consoleipconfig / renew.
  • Reinstall the computer network card.

The steps are very simple, and in case of not being able to solve the problem, a thorough review has to be carried out to locate the fault and restore connectivity.

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