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We tested the JBL Link 10 speaker, which includes Google Assistant

The JBL Link 10 has a local price of 14,999 pesos

Just over a month ago, JBL officially arrived in the country and launched its first products in Argentina. One of the most desired in its line for the home is the Link 10, a portable speaker and battery, similar to the many that are in the market, but that brings a plus: includes Assistant, Google's voice assistant Let talk to indicate various instructions.

The JBL Link 10 on the outside

When unboxing and unlike other proposals (even from the same firm with its Flip line), we find a vertical speaker.

At the top, all the controls necessary to operate the speaker are located physically, although in reality they are rarely used since all instructions can be indicated by voice using Google Assistant; in any case there are the commands to increase and decrease the volume, another to enable Bluetooth connectivity (essential to play music from a telephone) and another button with the logo of the assistant that allows you to enable the microphones waiting for an instruction No need to go to the popular phrase "OK Google."

In its front part, a set of lights are highlighted that turn on intermittently when the speaker "listens" to a user instruction.

Finally, a small rubber cover is arranged at the rear that serves to cover the battery charging port, which in this case is a microUSB.


Before starting the speaker, you should configure the Google Assistant and connect it to the home Wi-Fi network. The first thing to do is download the Google Home application (available on both iOS and Android). Next, we will have to log in with our Google account by activating, then, the Bluetooth connection and location.

Once the app is installed, it is time to turn on the Link 10 using the button for such an action that we find on the back of the device. Just above it we will see an indicator with five lights that inform us about the battery charge.

Returning to Google Home, we will select the Add option while choosing the environment in which to be located. After a few seconds the synchronization will be done and we will see the JBL Link 10 in the app.

In one of the last steps we must indicate to which Wi-Fi network the speaker will be connected.

The JBL Link 10 speaker has Wi-Fi and microphone to pair with Google's servers, and Bluetooth to receive music from a compatible phone or other deviceThe JBL Link 10 speaker has Wi-Fi and microphone to link to Google servers, and Bluetooth to receive music from a phone or other compatible device

Finally, it is convenient to choose the Voice Match option to teach Google Assistant to recognize the user's voice to interact with Link 10; supports multiple profiles, which allows, for example, to identify who speaks to tell you if you have appointments in your calendar, or what source to use to play music.

Once this is done, it only remains to configure the execution permissions of the different music and video playback programs and services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, YouTube or Netflix among others.

User experience

The Link 10 is a powerful speaker. There are smaller speakers with Assistant (like the Google Mini, without going any further) than for their power and reception of the microphones are designed for small rooms. On the contrary, we tested this JBL solution in a large living room and we can say that its sound perfectly fulfilled the requirements: it was heard perfect and with a very good bass boost. We can even risk that we could musicalize a meeting or an event as a birthday perfectly.

Also the two microphones located at the top were up to the circumstances: at a distance of 5 meters and with a medium tone of voice, the speaker would listen to our instruction just by saying the phrase "OK, Google."

With the Link 10 you can execute the same instructions available as Assistant and in Google Home speakers, such as checking the weather, traffic, searching for information, reading news or playing riddles, results that will be reported by the speaker. And, of course, listen to music with any of the compatible services.

This JBL solution takes on special importance if you have an internet ecosystem of things from Google. Like all speakers with Assistant, you can control the TV (with Android TV system or Chromecast) and different appliances. In fact, this speaker (like others of its kind) has Chromecast built in, so you can "send" any transmission from a phone to be heard on the speaker. It can also be used as a conventional Bluetooth speaker.

Technical issues and availability

The Link 10 has IPX7 waterproof protection, so it is an interesting proposal to take it to the beach or to the pool to musicalize the relaxing moments.

It is vox populi that JBL offers products that stand out for their quality and good performance in audio reproduction. After trying this device for more than a week it is fair to say that the Link 10 lives up to the brand. Among its most outstanding features are its design, its bass reinforcement, its high volume levels (taking into account that it is a speaker that measures 20 cm.) And fidelity. Finally the strawberry of the dessert: Google Assistant is not, this time an accessory of the speaker, but the center of the experience of the same.

Some questions remain in the inkwell: perhaps the battery life (5 hours in reproduction) is somewhat short. About 8 hours would have been more correct. Also the absence of an audio input such as a 3.5 mm jack, which is essential when connecting an audio source via cable.

The JBL Link 10 is already available in Compumundo stores with a value of 14,999 pesos.


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