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We tell you what to do to see the NCAA March Madness

The NCAA March Madness is possibly the most popular university sports event on television, with a budget similar to the Super Bowl or the World Cup. And after weeks of authentic madness, the NCAA tournament is coming to an end, and there is only the final between the University of Virginia and Texas Tech. The March Madness is a tournament of high stakes and dramatic turns: no one could have I bet Duke would not be among the eight finalists, a decision that ruined many of the players, and few people expected the Cavaliers and the Red Raiders to be the last teams standing.

That said: Virginia and Texas Tech will face each other in the NCAA championship game this April 8 at 6:20 p.m. PT, a game that promises to be exciting, if you really like strong defenses. Here we explain how to see it.


The final will be broadcast on CBS. Alternatively, you can see one of the transmission services that we give below.


March Madness Live

Ready for insanity, March Madness Live but you don't have TV at home? All you need to do is visit the NCAA March Madness Live website to access the matches in real time and their statistics. CBS and Turner Broadcasting once again join the NCAA to offer full online coverage of all March Madness games, ensuring that even the least fans have the ability to keep up with all the action. Turner's TNT, TBS and TruTV join the streaming party this year, which helps bring every Big Dance duel to viewers around the world.

Click here to view local channel listings and availability.

March Madness Live application

The NCAA also offers March Madness Live as an application capable of broadcasting all March Madness competitions. The application, available for multiple devices (see below), is free.

Compatible devices
Apple TVApple watch
Amazon EchoAmazon Fires
Amazon Fire TVGoogle Daydream
Mac / PCChromecast
RokuSamsung Gear VR
Xbox OneSome Ssmart TVs


If you want to see the full list of matches without a pay-TV subscription, your best option is one of these broadcast services known as the "big five."

Each of these services will cost you money through a monthly subscription, but there are two important warnings: first, they are cheaper than similar cable or satellite packages, and second (and most importantly) each of them has a test free, so if you are new to the service, you may not have to pay a single cent.

DirecTV Now

the NCAA March Madness

To see all the Turner channels on DirecTV Now, you just have to register for the “Live a Little” package for $ 40 dollars, the cheapest available. Like Sling TV, the service offers a free seven-day trial. DirecTV Now is available on the following devices:

Compatible devices
Apple iPadAmazon Fire
ipod touchAndroid phones
Apple TVAndroid tablets
SafariGoogle Chromecast
Google ChromeSome Smart TVs

PlayStation Vue

the NCAA March Madness

In PlayStation Vue you must make sure that the Turner chains are available in your area (just click on the small pin icon next to the Start transmission button in the upper right corner). If so, you need the $ 45 Access plan (the cheapest Vue plan), and on the other hand, Vue offers a free five-day trial. PlayStation Vue is available on the following devices:

Compatible Devices
PlayStation 3/4Google Chromecast
AndroidAndroid TV
iOSApple TV
RokuAmazon Fire
Google ChromeSafari
FirefoxMicrosoft Edge

Hulu with Live TV

The Hulu Live TV streaming program, launched in mid-2017, only offers a package with live TV channels for a monthly fee of $ 45 dollars. Turner chains are available in most areas but you better click here and enter your zip code to make sure. Hulu with Live TV offers a free seven-day trial and is available on the following devices:

Compatible devices
iOSAmazon Fire TV
Apple TVGoogle Chromecast
Xbox OneXbox 360
Some Smart TVsNintendo Switch

YouTube TV

The new YouTubesolo TV platform is available in certain locations. The service costs $ 40 a month after a free five-day trial, and includes all three Turner channels. If your area is not in the list, simply start the registration process and ask you to enter your zip code. YouTube TV is available on the following devices:

Compatible devices
iOSApple TV
Android TVGoogle Chrome
Google ChromecastSome Smart TVs
Xbox OneXbox One S / X

Other ways to be aware

NCAA March Madness YouTube Channel

The NCAA March Madness YouTube channel offers fantastic featured videos and game updates throughout the championship tournament. Visitors have access to pre and post game interviews, expert analysis and other prominent information. If watching every second of the game does not fit your afternoon schedule, registering periodically through YouTube is a great way to keep up with the action.

The College Basketball subreddit

A great resource for the NCAA fans is the forum dedicated to Reddit college basketball, which has a constant flow of content sent by the fans. Expect a lot of content related to Big Dance, such as team interviews, expert analysis, historical data and funny memes. Reddit's loyal user base generates the richness of site content, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

You will find a lot of images, videos and even alternative streaming sites with NCAA themes on game days, but again we recommend you stay away from unauthorized third party sites.

ESPN gamecast

Although it is not a video option, ESPN offers its exclusive play-to-play presentation of Gamecast for all March Madness clashes, and, of course, the grand finale. Simply go to the page, click on the game you want to follow and the related Gamecast window will open. This function shows real-time events that include each dunk done, every foul, and every three buzzer hits. Gamecast also lists each team's statistics, featured videos and trends on Twitter.

* Updated on April 8, 2019 by Daniel Matus.

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