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We show you the best dash cam in the market in this list

Do you know what a dash cam is? In recent years, this model of small cameras has gained a lot of popularity, since they are used not only to capture the beauty of the landscape that you can find on your way, but also can become valuable witnesses (we touch wood) of some accident. Thinking of buying one? In this list we gather the best dash cam available in the market today.

Our selection

Garmin Dash Cam 55Our favorite
Mobius ActionCamThe best price
Owl Car CamThe best for your safety
WheelWitness HD Pro PlusThe best for vans, vans and trucks

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Our favorite

the best dash cam

Why should you buy it? It has a robust set of features that really work as intended.

Who is it for? Someone who wants the best in dash cam technology.

How much is it? $ 199 dollars.

Why did we choose the Garmin dash cam 55?

Garmin dash cam 55 offers a lot of features and quality, at a reasonable price.

This camera has an HD resolution of 1440p and 30 frames per second, which allows you to capture high quality images during the day and quite respectable at night. Also, like its some of its rivals, the dash cam 55 offers innovative aids for the driver, but with the difference that their alerts are often relevant, instead of going crazy with false alarms.

In addition, thanks to the large number of functions that can be activated with the voice, allow drivers to focus on the road, without being distracted. Similarly, it has the Travelapse function, which makes great timelapse videos and can be easily shared through the application.

Mobius ActionCam

The best price


Why should you buy it? To protect you without spending a lot of money.

Who is it for? Consumers with little budget.

How much is it? From $ 75 dollars.

Why do we choose Mobius ActionCam?

This Actioncam is not only economical, but also has a compact size, ideal to fit in front of the rearview mirror of your car. It should be noted that this option does not sacrifice the visibility of the windshield and maintains the clean appearance of its interior.

This camera is capable of recording 1080p video at 30 fps and can overwrite the previous footage when the memory card reaches its capacity. It also has a downloadable software, which allows you to adjust the camera settings.

However, the ActionCam is not perfect. Due to its low price, it lacks a built-in display, accelerometer and G sensor, which provides image stabilization.

Owl Car Cam

The best for your safety

Why should you buy it? Because you want vigilance towards the road and inside your car.

Who is it for? Extremely careful drivers.

How much is it? Since $ 350 dollars.

Why did we choose the Owl Car Cam? The latest innovation between dash or dash cameras is to add a second rear-facing camera lens to monitor activity inside the vehicle's cab. There are many options within this new camera segment, however, the Owl Car Cam stands out for its security accessories.

Once on the road, the Owl Car Cam screen shows a view of the 1440p front camera and the 720p rear camera, so you can make sure you're properly covered. The Owl has capacity for up to 24 hours of video in internal storage. Older clips are deleted once storage is full, but a driver can save specific moments with a vocal command. But there are more.

You also keep your car safe. When you station it, the Owl will be aware of any external movement, and send you an alert to your phone when someone approaches or tries to enter your car. Even when an intruder is approaching, this will see the flashing green LED on the top of the camera flashing, letting you know that it is being recorded. Once you receive an alert of theft or movement of the camera in your car, you can open the application for a live view of the interior and exterior. While watching the video, you can also turn on a bright white LED on the screen, and even enable a two-way speaker to talk to the intruder.

WheelWitness HD Pro Plus

The best for trucks and trucks

best dash cam wheelwitness 720x720

Why should you buy it? Because you want a dash camera that doubles as a virtual co-pilot.

Who is it for? For those carriers who drive a lot.

How much? $ 125

Why do we choose the WheelWitness HD Pro Plus? This is a heavy-duty dash camera that adapts perfectly to the needs of van, van and truck drivers, especially those who work driving. Sony technology allows you to record clear images during the day and night, which means that the device will not become an expensive windshield ornament after the sun goes down. In addition, its 140 degree angle records a wide view of the road. Automatically records over the oldest files, although users who prefer to download their images can disable the loop function. The built-in G sensor tells HD Pro Plus to immediately save footage if it detects an accident.

Connectivity with smart phones comes standard. Drivers can use an application compatible with Apple and Android devices to wirelessly transfer the video sequences from the camera to their phone. It also comes with a 4X zoom, a feature that is not common in the world of dash cameras, and users can zoom even when the device is recording. Finally, the built-in GPS function tracks where the vehicle is going and the speed at which it travels at a given time. This robust set of features makes the HD Pro Plus an electronic co-driver that you can put on your windshield.


Is it your first time with a Dash Cam?

If it is the first time you buy a dash cam, we recommend that you choose one with more automatic, simple and reduced price functions. We are sure that with the passing of time (in the short term) they will continue to launch more cameras of this style, which means that some that already exist in the market, with more avant-garde functions, should lower their prices very soon, and there is that You can take advantage of your opportunity to acquire it, without spending so much money.

Is it worth buying a Dash Cam?

Although when they first arrived on the market, the function of these cameras is not well understood, with the passing of time, we have known all the benefits they can bring, to make insurance claims in the event of an accident or even prevent It happens, especially if we add some display screens (HUD) to complement it.

Without a doubt, the combination of the HUD, together with our favorite Dash Cam, can help us reduce distraction and also show you the key information about your car, such as speed or navigation directions.

So pin it. Regarding your safety and those who accompany you, every investment is always worth it.

* Updated by Daniel Matus on March 22.

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