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We show you SwiftKey Symbols, an Android keyboard that helps many people

swiftkey symbols

A high percentage of Android users know more or less one of the most popular keyboards on the market, we refer to SwiftKey. However, the company has now wanted to develop a keyboard focused on symbols, in order to to be able to help children or adults who have learning difficulties or have difficulty communicating through speech.

Download and install SwiftKey Symbols

You must go to Google Play, type its name in the search engine and download it to enjoy it. The version we have tried has been updated not too long ago (March 31) and only requires a version of Android 4.1 or higher. It occupies only 8.22 MB and is free.

How does SwiftKey Symbols work?

Based on Image Exchange Communication System (PECS) Using it is quite simple. Once opened you will realize that a series of categorized symbols appear: Feelings, People, Food & Drink, Da & Time, Prepare … If you enter a category, for example in Feelings, more images related to that category will be displayed: Happy, Sad, Excited, Tired, Angry, Bored …

operating symbols

Just enough with click on the desired one so that this symbol goes to the top, where by tapping on the icon Play and in perfect Castilian you will listen in audio form the feeling or action for each case. It is something that allows a very fast and comfortable communication.

symbols working

And how could it be otherwise, and using the prediction technology that SwiftKey presumes, this version It is also able to predict the combination of symbols to save time and make communication easier.

Not only is it possible to use the symbols included, but also the application it will allow you to create your own symbols adding the images of your camera or galley.

If you want to know more about SwiftKey we recommend reading the following articles: Try SwiftKey Neural, a keyboard with a prediction system based on neural networks, SwiftKey tells you what emoji you use most and what are the topics you write more about and SwiftKey is update and arrive with new emojis for Android 6.0.1.

It therefore becomes an application essential for children and adults with communication problems that they must resort to images to communicate more effectively. Chapeau for this type of initiatives that are capable of combining sensitivity and technology.

Do you know any application of this style? Qu app it occurs to you that it might be useful to overcome difficulties?

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