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We face the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active, follows the example of the 2018 Galaxy Watch. The device is attractive, easy to use and has excellent functions to monitor your physical condition. However, it is rather an alternative than a successor. To review their differences and assess which best suits your needs, we compare Samsung Galaxy Watch Active vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch These are the results.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Screen size 1.2 inches / 1.3 inches 1.1 inch
Body size 42mm: 41.9 x 45.7 x 12.7mm

46mm: 46 x 49 x 13mm

40mm: 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5mm

360 x 360 pixels

360 x 360 pixels
Touch screen 42mm: 1.2 inch Super AMOLED display

46mm: 1.3 inches Super AMOLED

Wireless interface Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, NFC, LTE and UMTS Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, GPS, NFC
Depth 12.7mm 10.5mm
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Gyroscope Yes Yes
Ambient light sensor Yes Yes
Heart rate sensor Yes Yes
Barometer Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes
Battery life 270mAh / 472mAh 230mAh
Price From $ 330 dollars From $ 200 dollars
Availability Samsung Samsung

Design and screen

Galaxy Watch ActiveJulian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a more traditional design than the Galaxy Watch Active. If you want a smart watch that matches any outfit, then it is a better alternative. It is a bit thicker than its sports counterpart, but if you like the look Traditional, appreciate the extra weight. The bezel around the screen is also functional: it rotates to allow easier selection in the software. It is important to keep in mind that the Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes: 42 mm and 46 mm. The Galaxy Watch Active only has a size of 40 mm.

The Galaxy Watch Active is quite smaller, offering a 1.1-inch screen instead of the 1.2 or 1.3-inch screens of the other devices. In addition, it is a bit simpler, as it offers a basic round look without ornaments. In that sense, it is aimed at those who prefer minimalist designs.

The screen of the Active and Galaxy Watch smart watches are similar. All use Amoled screens with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The main difference is the aforementioned screen size.

The Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active have good design, but the latter is more convenient to use. It is not reduced in large faces, nor invasive in smaller ones. The Galaxy Watch are more robust. While it is a personal choice, in terms of design between the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch we prefer the elegant look of the first and its lightweight design.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Fitness and health monitoring features

Samsung Galaxy WatchJulian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is clearly aimed at athletes, considering its light and thin design, but when it comes to real physical condition monitoring features, they are more or less the same. Both offer a heart rate monitor, GPS, and you can view all your health data in the Samsung Health app.

You can check the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, activities such as running or walking, and even sleeping. In addition, it has widgets that allow you to quickly add the amount of water or coffee you drink daily, in case you want to track this aspect. In this area between Samsung Galaxy Watch Active vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch there are no major differences and the experience is very similar in both watches.

Winner: tie

Battery life

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

Apart from the design, the battery life is perhaps the biggest difference between the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch The latter has a battery of 270mAh or 472mAh, depending on the size of the clock you choose. The Galaxy Watch Active, on the other hand, has a 230mAh battery.

That means that, depending on use, the 46mm Galaxy Watch lasts between three to four days on a single charge, while the 42mm Galaxy Watch takes two to three days. The Galaxy Watch Active barely reached two days. Everyone can easily last a full day, only the Active will definitely require you to charge it every night. It is an easy victory for the Galaxy Watch.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Special features

Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch has another trick up its sleeve: it has a 4G model. If you spend a little more, you can receive notifications, calls and listen to music, even if you don't have your phone, although in this case you should also pay for a data plan. If you want to have all the available functions of a phone in a smart watch, then the Galaxy Watch is your best option.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Price and availability

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Standard is available for a few months and you can buy it in your favorite store for only $ 280 dollars for the 42 mm version or $ 300 dollars for the 46 mm model. However the Galaxy Watch Active It is available recently, at a more affordable price of $ 200 dollars.