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Vivaldi officially arrives on Android to dethrone Chrome

Vivaldi for Android featured

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers worldwide, so it is customary to launch updates constantly, such as his version 76, voice search or the desired dark mode. However, as of now it has a new alternative, and that is Vivaldi arrives on Android wanting to eat the rest of browsers.

Vivaldi has long been considered a browser for computers designed to Advanced users who want to be able to customize their browser, and until now it had no presence on mobile devices. Through its website, Vilvadi has confirmed its arrival on Android, preserving both the look and feel and speed of the browser without getting stuck when trying to bring all its functions to mobile devices.

A browser that currently It is in its Beta version, with which users can test their unique features daily. Vivaldi for Android incorporates all features of the browser adapted to mobile devices, including the encrypted end-to-end synchronization of your passwords, bookmarks, notes, open tabs and more.

Vivaldi comes to Android with all its unique features

Vivaldi for Android

In the same way, it also allows you to synchronize your passwords securely, your bookmarks, notes and more between different devices using end-to-end encryption. Vivaldi for Android maintains its speed, since you can keep your favorite sites just a touch away by adding custom quick bookmarks to the new pestaa page.

There is even the possibility to create Notes when browsing and synchronize them safely between all your devices, in addition to the private eyelashes keeping your browsing history discreet, since Vivaldi does not store searches, pages visited, cookies or temporary files. Users can also capture the full page of any website or take a snapshot of only the visible area.

The browser also offers the possibility to move quickly to find open, private tabs and those that have been opened or closed recently on this or another device. But they are not the only features of Vivaldi for Android, since nicknames are also offered for search engines, a read mode and a download manager.

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