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To freak it out live and direct with the RPG action called First Summoner

First Summoner is a game designed by Line (Yes, those of the chat app) and that comes with a technical level that wastes quality on all sides. It is appreciated that we have this level of play without being a "pay to win", or what is the same, pays to be better.

In First Summoner we will get into the skin of a skilled archer of the dark forces that she will have the power to be able to invoke all kinds of minions that will accompany her on her journey towards death or her own salvation, do you dare to know her closely?

An entire archer with many cards in her hand

First Summoner at first stands out for the level of graphics quality, animations, visual effects, environment and great variety of magic and enemies as well as minions. It is a very complete game and this shows from the first loading screen.

First Summoner

But what always matters is gameplay or game mechanics, and here too powerfully surprise when we find that in a matter of minutes we will see a lot of enemies on the screen that we will have to get rid of. Of course, some extension in the levels is missing, but it is not yet possible to have everything.


So we get fully into a game mechanic in which we are the ones who control the minions we summon, choosing the cards with which we will begin and at what moment we want to deploy them, and the movement of our skillful archer who will have to keep a distance so that he can use all his fighting power with his various arrows and abilities.

With a background story in First Summoner

First Summoner also stands out for a story that gets us fully into the first minutes. Our archer is murdered and the dark forces will come to our aid to revive her and give her certain powers that will help us on our journey. for more than 150 stories They are waiting for us.

Action RPG

All with one large multitude of skills and minions to unlock and that dozens pass. Yes, each one of those minions will have their weaknesses and strengths, so it will depend on us to choose them well before starting the game, since then we will have a scoring bar that will allow us to invoke them as the points are filled.


One of the highlights of this RPG action game is the large number of enemies that can be generated on screen and that attracts the attention of the fine game; At least in a high-end terminal, we should see how it behaves in one of less benefits.

Even with PVP to test your skills

If we already add that you have PvP, we can talk about a very round game in all its possibilities when you face a clean shot against other players; something that is not missing in another great: Archero. An Android title that although it comes from Line, is one of the most interesting and promising arrivals of the year. Hopefully they will add content, since they have game for a while if they are able to add new modes and more.


Technically it is a game that It looks scary on the screen of our mobile and pay close attention to the details of our archery with a luxury 3D. We put the accent on the perspective used that gives a broad vision of what comes to us and those visual effects of magic that give it an exquisite touch. The truth is that it is a game that shows that you have put a lot of love and in which you enjoy every minute of the game. A whole ten for First Summoner.

Attacking on First Summoner

First Summoner is one of the most amazing arrivals of the year, how can this be, and that has not done with the pomp that others do. If you are looking for good action, strategy in the PvP, scary graphics, a hero who is glad to see it move and a variety of missions and content, you are closing this window to open the Play Store installation to play it , Come on!

Editor's Opinion

First Summoner

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating


  • Bestial graphics
  • Strategy in action combat
  • It has PVP
  • This in Spanish
  • Much of everything: enemies on screen, variety of minions and more


  • We need some more extension in the missions

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