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This is how Live View works, indications with augmented reality from Google Maps in Pokmon Go style

Announced last August, the navigation mode for pedestrians by using the cell phone camera is now available in Argentina

The information available on Google Maps becomes an indispensable resource for any pedestrian who wishes to reach the destination. And as of now, users of the application of
 they can already use
Live View, a function that allows you to take advantage of the cell phone camera to receive indications and warnings by using augmented reality technology.

This mode combines the use of the Internet, GPS and smartphone camera compatible with Apple's ARKit technology or Google's ARCore. Be it a local pedestrian or a tourist who wants to discover the city, now Google Maps offers a modality very similar to that used by
Pokmon Go
 to reach the destination through the use of augmented reality in mobile phones.

What requirements are needed to take advantage of this colorful modality of guided navigation for pedestrians? First you have to have a phone compatible with the augmented reality services of Apple (ARKit) or Google (ARCore). The models of
 most recent from Samsung, Motorola, LG and Nokia, to mention some brands,
They already have support for this technology.

In turn, the Live View feature will be enabled in areas that have Street View coverage, the panoramic view feature of Google Maps.

To start using guided navigation with augmented reality, you must set a route and define a destination. At the bottom, the Live View icon appears, requesting to point to some buildings and other reference signs so that Google Maps can guide the camera and virtual warnings about the environment.

In turn, below is the view of the traditional 2D map. Google Maps usually makes a warning so that the pedestrian does not use Live View for a long time for security reasons and to avoid distractions.


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