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This chip allows placing up to 30 cameras on a smartphone

We have already witnessed the considerable increase that smartphones have currently had in the camera section. One, two, three and up to 5 main cameras are the ones we have seen according to the leaked information of the last Nokia 9.

Light is a company that has previously been dedicated to developing cameras with multiple integrated lenses and this time it comes with a processor that is responsible for carrying the entire load of image processing instead of the main processor of smartphones with a total capacity to integrate Up to 30 sensors in a single device.

The call Lux Capacitor allow manufacturers to decide how many of these to place on the plates of their terminals because it has the power characteristic work in parallel until reaching the maximum capacity of 30 sensors already mentioned.

In our opinion we can say that at one point it may seem somewhat absurd to place more than 5 sensors on a single smartphone, but in the past it was perhaps just that of mounting a camera. There is no doubt that the field of photography and video will take a turn in which the best shots may be made with handheld devices.

What do you think of this possibility? Do you think I have a future? See you in the comment box to talk about it.


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