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these are the news of the application

This week the Facebook F8 is celebrated in the United States, the event in which the company of Mark Zuckerberg tells the main changes that will be in its applications, both in the social network and in the associated services, such as Instagram or WhatsApp.

One of the protagonists is Facebook Messenger, the messaging app that at the time was one of the main alternatives to WhatsApp and that is now placed almost as a complementary app, or at least it will be if Facebook really integrates everything under the same platform.

But for now we will settle for the news that the company has announced for this platform.

Privacy will be key

After the scandals of the last months the company executives already explained that they wanted enhance privacy in your applications and Asha Sharma, the director of the Messenger Consumer Product division of Facebook, has focused on that in the publication explaining these changes.

In 2019 we will see a gradual change in the platform as it approaches an end-to-end encrypted system such as WhatsApp, preventing any access to conversations, including security agencies.

Project Lightspeed promises speed

One of the drawbacks that are usually made to Facebook is that its applications are usually heavy and slow. In the case of Messenger they want to change this by creating a new application under the codename Project Lightspeed, which weighs less than 30 MB (less than half than the current Messenger) and will open in less than two seconds.

Content from friends and family

A big change for Messenger will be an area where we find elements shared by our contacts, friends and family, in a way that we understand will be similar to Facebook itself.

The video will take center stage

On Facebook they know that video is the future but also the present of social applications. More than 400 million people use video calls every month in this application, with more than 2000 million minutes a day on video chats and similar products.

In addition to video calls we will have a new service that will allow friends create rooms to watch videos in a shared way, but videos within the platform, of course. This function will be finished later this year.

Desktop application

As we install Messenger on Android and iOS we can install it on computers with MacOS and Windows since the company is developing a desktop application by the end of the year. We will have the same functions as in mobile phones, including video calls.

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