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The Samsung Galaxy Fold already has a release date for South Korea

Galaxy Fold

Since Samsung introduced its first folding smartphone, which was the Galaxy FoldThere have been many impressed by the design and all that this terminal has to offer, while others have not opted for this, but for Huawei Mate X, the direct rival of it.

The screen problems that flaunted the Galaxy Fold – and not proudly – did not go unnoticed at first. These began to appear very markedly after the company offered it to some users, stores and companies to show off their benefits, but the thing went wrong. After the inconvenience suffered by the panels of the units of this expensive mobile became viral, the South Korean manufacturer had to delay its release date on several occasions, until now, because there is already an officer, and that is what we are talking about next.

In a recent development, the company announced that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale from September of this year. However, the South Korean giant had not revealed the exact date of its offer in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Fold have problems with their screens

Samsung Galaxy Fold screen problems

Now, a new report relates that the folding smartphone will be launched in South Korea on September 6, date that is only one week away. According to the report, the company planned to launch the Galaxy Fold in late September, but, for some reason, decided to launch it in early September. This date, interestingly, coincides with the day of the start of this year's IFA event, which will take place in Berlin, Germany, and will end on the 11th of the same month. (Find out: For this reason the Galaxy Fold screens were broken, according to iFixit)

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This information is not official given. Therefore, we recommend not relying much on the report we have just mentioned. It is likely that Samsung decides to launch the Galaxy Fold in a few weeks later, but it is certain that it will arrive at any time in September.

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