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The positive of Huawei problems


Juan Garzon / CNET

Huawei is in trouble and the future of its devices remains somewhat uncertain.

Despite all the bad things that the veto of the US government and the estimated revenue losses of US $ 30,000 million Over the next two years, all this may bring some benefits for users.

It must be taken into account that during the next weeks or when the extension granted by the United States government (August 19) ends, things may be more defined than at present or at least have a clear direction.

However, here we collect the three benefits or positive points that Huawei problems can bring today.

An improved interface

Huawei has launched excellent cell phones generation after generation, but its biggest criticism has been constantly in the personalized interface that their cell phones have.

Many times, Huawei EMUI duplicates apps, installs unnecessary things for the most part and is often not very consistent (limitations on the lock screen such as not allowing access to the fast settings, insistence on using Huawei services after saying no, forcing to use the launcher default, etc.)

It is true that many users can get used to this, but it makes the EMUI interface lag behind many of its competitors and so that their experience remains less than what can be found in other companies' cell phones.

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Less preinstalled garbage (Facebook, Whatsapp)

Due to the veto, Facebook will not allow Huawei to pre-install its apps on its devices, making apps such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp not present on the Huawei devices you buy.

It is true that these are some of the most used apps, but it does not mean that all users are interested in using them. With this, users will have the alternative of simply downloading and installing the app or apps they want without having to waste storage space with apps that don't interest you.

It would be even more interesting that Huawei further reduce pre-installed apps to offer a device with the basics to allow the user to have the option to simply install what they want to use.

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More diversity and competence

Huawei has been the second manufacturer of cell phones that sells the most in the world, so its influence is enormous and with this any decision it makes could have an important impact on the industry.

If Huawei decides to launch its own operating system as rumored or simply use Sailfish OS or LineageOS (custom Android ROMs), the Chinese company will create a new competitor to the mobile market.

Although its position will not be the best because iOS and Android (general) are very well established, Huawei could push a new contender with improvements based on the open Android code. In this way, Huawei could press for Google to improve its operating system, just as Apple can improve its operating system.


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