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The popular ES File Manager expelled from Google Play for possible fraud

This week is being moved for some developers of the Play store why Google is making a screen of all the apps created by a Chinese company, DO Global. As we explained in a previous article, research has shown that certain apps of the company involved established a background process for generate fake clicks on advertisements. And Google is not shaking the pulse when applying sanctions.

All applications of DO Global have been removed from Google Play. In total they exceeded 600 million downloads, a huge figure that puts the company as the largest developer expelled from the Android application store. Although it is not the only one since other related apps are disappearing somewhat more indirectly, such as ES File Manager.

All ES Global applications, owner of ES File Manager, disappear from Google Play

The popular ES File Manager expelled from Google Play for possible fraud

The developer of ES File Manager, ES Global, Is property of DU Global, a subsidiary of the company DO Global, which was affected by the blockade of Google after discovering that they applied advertising fraud to their applications. With this relationship confirmed by Android Police, and without us knowing if ES File Manager It also scammed advertising clicks in the background, all related apps are already out of the store.

The applications of ES Global They have been removed from Google Play during the last week of April, as AppBrain reflects. The developer accumulated more than 200 million downloads in the Google Play Store; with more than 100 million just for the application ES File Manager, which maintained an average of 4.6 stars in valuation.

The popular ES File Manager expelled from Google Play for possible fraud

Elimination of ES Global applications by date. AppBrain image

The fall of developers and applications so important is a huge touch of attention by Google to perceive that in the Play Store not everything goes. It is also a demonstration that advertising fraud, a type of fraud that especially affects Google since it has the AdMob ad network, will be prosecuted to the last consequences. We'll see if Google does not shake the pulse before other developers who abuse users, such as those that integrate malware into their applications or threaten your privacy.