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the new printer that converts your photos into real Polaroid

Polaroid Originals today announced its first Polaroid printer called Polaroid Lab. This device converts the photos taken from our smartphone in a real Polaroid photograph. It has been presented today Tuesday, September 10, the Polaroid Lab is scheduled for release on October 10.

How does it work?

Unlike Zink mobile smart phone printers, Polaroid Lab images are created with real Polaroid paper. With the image selected and on the screen, the smart phone is placed face down on the Polaroid Lab. Using a mixture of Mirrors and a development system of three lenses, this device exposes the instant film to that digital image once the button is pressed on the small printer, then, like any Polaroid camera, the Lab ejects an instant print of the selected image from the phone.

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Polaroid Originals calls the device as a dark room with a miniature table, which combines the digital photography of smart phones with real photos.The Polaroid Originals application that accompanies it, helps to create an adequate exposure of the digital image, along with the addition of tools like collagesThe characteristics of augmented reality are also part of the application.

Reasons to choose Polaroid Lab

Unlimited cloud storage may be the worst enemy of your memories, making your photos so many that they end up falling into a empty of forgetfulness, ?said the CEO of Polaroid BV, Oskar Smolokowski. idea of the Polaroid Lab is to convert the oldest photos we have in our phones into photographs real Polaroid so that we can have them at hand at any time and store in a physical site instead of the cloud.

Mobile printers aim to capitalize on the resurgence of instant photography: most of them use Zink paper to print an image.The Polaroid Lab follows devices such as Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2, a printer that uses Bluetooth to transfer the image, but creates a chemical reaction in a real instant photo instead of using ink. The Holga printer without battery uses a simulation similar to the Polaroid Lab when exposing an image from the smart phone screen.

Polaroid Originals was created in 2017 when The Impossible Project acquired the brand, as well as the last Polaroid factory to continue producing films for vintage Polaroids, as well as the most modern versions.

The Polaroid Lab begins to be sent next month and is expected to sell for approximately 115 euros.

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