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The Galaxy Note 10 surpasses the Note 9 in reservations in Spain

Galaxy Note 10 and 10+

The Galaxy Note 10 are called to be one of the best selling ranges this year. The reserve figures have been positive, as revealed weeks ago, compared to last year's range. So it is something that gives hope to the Korean brand, which sees that this new range could get great sales in this regard. Data from Spain is now shared.

The Spanish division of Samsung leaves us with data on the reservations of the Galaxy Note 10 in Spain, which are being greater than those of the Note 9. Good news for the Korean brand, which sees how consumers are clearly betting on its renewed high-end.

No exact figures have been given, but it is confirmed that The Galaxy Note 10 exceeds the reserves of the Note 9. In addition, it seems that consumers are clearly betting on a color in this case, which is the Aura Glow, which accumulates 52% of the total reservations between the two phones.

Galaxy Note 10

On the other hand, the Note 10+ is the phone that generates more reservations. As they have shared from the company itself, 71% of the reserves are of this model. So it is clear that it has the preference of Spanish consumers. Although it is not a big surprise either.

Unfortunately We do not have specific data on the number of units to which reference is made. The interesting thing will be to see how they will sell these Galaxy Note 10 in the coming months, now that they have been on sale for a week now. It is the moment in which they must boost Samsung sales in this regard, within a high range that has lost some ground this year.

So we will be attentive to see how sales of the Galaxy Note 10 evolve. At the moment it seems that they have had a better arrival on the market compared to the Note 9. So it can be a good sign, to show that consumers have an interest in this new family of phones.

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