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The end of the WSUS role may be closer than it seems

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A few years ago, In Root we were explaining what a WSUS server is, a server role that we can activate so that it downloads Microsoft updates from the official page and then distributes them through the local network, thus achieving greater control over them and lessening the impact on our Internet connection, since instead of being hundreds or thousands of machines that start downloading patches from the Internet, only a device that then sends them to rest through our local connection.

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As well, this role and this way of updating our operating system may be coming to an end, and is that Windows 10 already includes very interesting options in this regard to prevent the connection of hundreds of PCs to the network.

If we access Settings> Update and security> Windows Update> Advanced options> Choose the way you want the updates to be delivered, we can see that there is an option activated or not and that indicates that when this option is active, our PC will also send part of the updates to other computers in the local network, so that instead of having a single point of distribution of updates (WSUS), we have as many as Windows 10 devices have on the network.

This new option that we will surely see as improvement with the passage of time and the new updates and improvements that are yet to come, suppose what seems to be the beginning of the end of the WSUS role, at least as we know it now, as This new system allows to save large amount of local bandwidth in many cases, especially when our organization is separated into offices or countries, also making the updates reach our entire company faster.

Only time will be able to give us or take away our reason, but the first stone is already laid.

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The end of the WSUS role may be closer than it seems
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