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The best cases for Kindle Oasis that will protect your electronic reader

With a bright and clear, always readable screen, in addition to a metal body that is easy to hold, the Kindle Oasis 2019 is the best e-book reader. However, it also represents an important investment that you will want to take care of. And although it is one of the few devices of this type with IPX8 level water resistance rating, you will need to protect it from drops or bumps with some of the best Kindle Oasis cases we have selected to facilitate your choice.

Note: These covers are for the 2019 Kindle Oasis. Although you can eventually use them with the 2017 Kindle Oasis, since they are exactly the same size, we recommend you check before buying. The original Kindle Oasis (2016) has completely different proportions, so they will not be compatible with it.

Noreve?s Tradition

Noreve's Tradition | The best covers for Kindle OasisNoreve?s Tradition | The best covers for Kindle Oasis

If you want to try the luxury of leather, your choice is the Noreve?s Tradition case. Folio style, perfectly sewn, keep your Kindle Oasis tight and secure, and the cover remain closed thanks to the magnets. It has openings for the charging port on the bottom and the ignition button on the upper side. Leather finish adds durability. If you add the textured alternative, you will have a better grip. The cover is comfortable to hold and easy to fold. Unless you choose the textured finish, which is more expensive, you will find a subtle Noreve logo on the bottom right of the front, while on the inside cover you see the printed name. Prices start at around $ 80 dollars and go up to $ 145 dollars, depending on the alternative you choose.

Fintie Flip Case

Fintie Flip Case | The best covers for Kindle OasisFintie Flip Case | The best covers for Kindle Oasis

This is an interesting option that fits perfectly if you get tired of holding the Kindle while reading. The case opens vertically, allowing you to support it in three different angles for easy hands-free reading. Or you can completely fold the lid back. The exterior is covered with a durable synthetic leather, while inside you see a microfiber lining. It is available in black, in addition to a variety of prints. Although it is a bit bulky, it is a practical and economical case.

Moko Case

Moko Case | The best covers for Kindle OasisMoko Case | The best covers for Kindle Oasis

If you need a slim and tight protection, the Moko case could be your alternative. With a synthetic leather or polyurethane finish, it has an internal microfiber that protects the screen, while the housing that holds the Kindle in place is a sturdy polycarbonate. It is a thin option, with textured finishes, plain color or some more striking. It has the necessary openings for ports and buttons. It is an affordable case, although incompatible with the automatic sleep and activation function for the Kindle Oasis 2019.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon cover | The best covers for Kindle OasisAmazon cover | The best covers for Kindle Oasis

The official Amazon cover has a gray, blue or red fabric finish. If you do not like the sensation of cold metal, this may be your alternative, since it is thin, light and comfortable to hold, improving your grip. In addition, it has water resistance protection. This is the only case for Kindle Oasis, which we have found so far, which allows the automatic function of rest and activation. Although it is a bit expensive, it combines style, protection and utility.

Walnew sleeve

Walnew manga | The best covers for Kindle OasisWalnew manga | The best covers for Kindle Oasis

If you prefer a simple case to store your Kindle Oasis when you finish reading, this should be your choice. The Walnew is suede and comes in pink, gray or khaki alternatives. The upper part rotates and has a magnetic closure to prevent it from opening. It is ideal if you have the habit of storing your Kindle in a backpack.

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