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The best Android games you should have

The best Android games that can not be missing in your phone open the door to the greatest possible entertainment you can have if you are not an Apple fan. And although many claim that iOS offers a better and more diverse selection of games, the truth is that Android has done its homework very well and does not fall behind. In this guide, you will find some free games and others in which you will have to invest some dollars. The most important? All will ensure hours and hours of fun and entertainment.

Action and adventure games


best games for Android

If you are a fan of Legend of Zelda, so Oceanhorn It could be the ideal game for you. The popular title features solid narratives and excellent visual effects, along with a captivating soundtrack. It is also quite easy to play.


Broken Age ($ 20)

Broken Age has long been the favorite of many, and now it's finally coming to your mobile. The game has beautifully designed graphics and a very well written story. It is animated by hand, and offers a lot of puzzles to make your way. He even has a voice casting, which includes Elijah Wood, Jack Black and Masasa Moyo.

Google Play

Dragon Ball Legends

This game is very fun, especially if you are a Dragon Ball fan. In this new adventure, you can fight through different levels, collect skills and characters along the way. The most interesting of all is that it is also designed to reproduce in portrait mode, which makes it easier to play on the road.


Race games

Real Racing 3

In this game, you not only have the opportunity to run as fast as you want, but you can also use the multiplayer platform to compete with your friends.


Horizon chase

Photorealism is a great thing, but it is much more important when developers focus on creating a game that is really fun. That is precisely what the creators of Horizon chase. In the game, sometimes you get the feeling that you are not really there, but as you go through vibrant and colorful levels, this does not matter to you.

Google Play

First person games

PUBG Mobile

Parachute down to Erangel Island, loot everything you can to kill the enemy. In this exhausting adventure you will face another 99 people with the same idea, but there can only be one winner. The controls are a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it and there is only one map to follow.



The world's most popular game is available on Android, but you can't get it on Google Play. Instead, you should obtain it from the Epic Games website. For the uninitiated, Fortnite It is a real battle style game full of color and strategy. In the game, you must master the construction structures to compete against the best, but even if you don't succeed, you will also have a fun time.

Epic games

Into the Dead 2

In this game full of a lot of action, you will experience the zombie apocalypse while running through the different maps to save your family. Along the way, you can take powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to defeat those zombies.


Role playing games

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

apps android games the blades 600x338

The Elder Scrolls It is a beloved series of games, which now finally reached the smart phone with Blades. The Elder Scrolls: Blades It is a free game and follows the story of The Blades, the main agents of the Empire that have been forced into exile. It is a very well developed and essential game for any fan of Skyrim.

Google Play

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Pokmon Go It was an innovative game considering its ability to combine the real world with the digital. But it turns out that Pokemon It is not the only franchise that can benefit from this technology. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, discover new spells, move between stops and protect the magical world from possible calamities. It is almost certain to say that, if you enjoyed Pokemon go and you like Harry Potter, Wizards Unite It is a game you must have.

Google Play


Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World, Nintendo's latest mobile offer, is basically a mobile version of that classic game of the 1990s. Here you move capsules, combining them with viruses at different levels. It is reminiscent of Tetris, very easy to play and perfect for those who want to hang out.

Google Play

Pac man

When a game is released, definitely not everyone manages to pass the litmus test of sympathizing with users and of maintaining time. However, the classic Pac-Man is a living example of a game that has known how to capture audience and remain interesting, despite the fact that four decades have passed since its launch. The Android Pac-Man application stays true to the original format, and only has a few new levels to keep the game updated and more entertaining.




Sonic the Hedgehog It is a true classic, which Sega brought to smart phones with the Sega Forever collection. The original Sonic the Hedgehog it was released to Android a while ago, but the last one in the saga is Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2, in which you will have to stop the evil Dr. Eggman, who has also partnered with Metal Sonic.


Linn: Path of Orchards

Linn: Path of Orchards It is a mix of platform and puzzle game. You must cross the different platforms without falling, but we believe that it is much more difficult than it seems, since the landscape can change at any time.

Google Play

Sim and Sandbox games

Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($ 7 dollars)

The phenomenon known as Minecraft He made an incredibly successful leap to smart phones, giving franchise fans the ability to explore, use and build their paths to the 8-bit glory wherever they are.


Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

apps Android Games Breaking Bad Criminal Elements 768x433

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is what happens when you cross Sim city with the very dear Breaking Bad. In the game, you will build a methamphetamine laboratory, increase your income and defend yourself against your rivals. As you grow, your lab will expand and earn more money, and although the game is a bit aggressive with in-app purchases, any fan of Breaking Bad appreciate it.

Google Play


Super Mario Run

Mario fans love the new and exciting Nintendo racer, which brings many of the classic elements of the original games in a slightly different version through Super Mario Run. The game, which was originally available only on iOS, finally came to Android, and is a clear sign of what could be the beginning of Nintendo's great story on mobile devices. It is a great first attempt, by the way.



After a successful launch on iOS, High odyssey It is now available for Android, and the best thing is that it is free. In the game, which is a continuation of Alto’s Adventure, explore aesthetically designed levels, press vines and bounce on hot air balloons as you discover the mysteries of the desert. It is really a beautiful game and worth playing.


Take Flight!

If you are fantastic of the design style of Cuphead, Take Flight! It is a game worth considering. Take the same old-school animation approach to design, and while it was developed by a company other than Cuphead, still conveys the same feeling. In the game, take the skies in an effort to defeat your enemies, recruit equipment and more.

Google Play

Puzzles and Word Games

The Room: Old Sins

The Room series has long been considered one of the best escape room games on mobile devices, and this for a good reason. In the most recent version of the game, called Old sins, you will have to make your way through complex puzzles and discover strange gadgets. The game is wonderfully developed and is almost mandatory for any puzzle game lover.

Google Play

Trivia Crack 2

Several years after the debut of the original, Trivia Crack 2 it's finally here The game retains many of the elements that people love from the original game, but adds a number of excellent additional features. In the game, there are thousands of different questions to challenge you, competitive online modes, support for more than 20 languages ​​and much more.

Google Play

Strategy games

Fallout shelter

Even if you're not a fan of Fallout, this sim Addictive is one of the best Android games that exists today. You must make a tunnel in the ground and build a vault to provide a refuge for yours. Can you keep them alive in the face of invaders, cockroaches and other threats?


Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. is the last strategy game of Ndemic Creations, the company behind Plague Inc. The game has many of the same elements as its predecessor, except that here you will be trying to stop the rebel insurgency instead of spreading a plague. You must stabilize the country by balancing both military and civilian priorities in an effort to gain the support of the people, while stopping the insurgents and their plans to seize power.

Google Play

Clash of Clans

Accumulate provisions, plan your defenses, raise an army and guide your tribe to victory against cursed goblins and leaders of other clans. Clash of Clans It is an excellent combination of slow planning and fast (and catholic) battles.


Sports games

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer has long been a basic element among football fans, and for good reason. Although it has been traditionally played on PlayStation and PC, in recent years it is also available on mobile devices, with excellent results. The game is also free, although if you pay money, you can get additional players.

Google Play

RBI Baseball 19 ($ 7)

If you are a baseball fan, this is definitely the game for you. RBI It is the official Major League Baseball baseball game for 2019, and has updated lists, simulation elements and games in all MLB baseball parks. The game is relatively easy to control, and allows players to have more than 165 baseball legends. It is a bit expensive ($ 7 dollars), but there are no additional purchases within the application.

Google Play

*TOUpdated by Daniel Matus on August 9, 2019.

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